1. Wicked cool! It’s innovations like this that will help provide solutions for our future. THANKS!! I’m going to forward it to a retreat center where I used to clean the toilets and do housekeeping long ago. I’d love to buy one, set it up in Korea, and just sell the stuff to those in my neighborhood in Seoul.

  2. We just purchased a water ionizer/hydrolizer about three weeks ago to take advantage of all the benefits that we see from it.

    We drink the ionized water from the machine (pH 9, with a huge negative oxidation reduction potential which makes the water a great anti-oxidant). In three weeks I have lost 10 pounds, 15 points on the top and bottom of my blood pressure, and an increased level of energy.

    My wife has sever acid reflux, and in the past three weeks, has drastically cut back on prescription and OTC meds to control it. She has also lost weight, decreased blood pressure, and has greatly improved energy as well.

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