Solari Food Series: Vital Soils – The Foundation of Life, Part I

“The soil is the great connector of our lives, the source and destination of us all.” ~Wendall Barry

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Harry Blazer continues the Solari Report Food Series this week with “Vital Soils – the Foundation of Life,” a fascinating interview with Rick Freeman of Grow Ecology about the soil that gives us life. This is the first part of a two-part interview on soil.

Vital soils are the source of our nutrition. As the quality of our soil has declined, so has the nutritional content of our food. As a result, some of us spend a great deal of money on supplements to try to maintain our health. Or we simply accept a decline in the quality of our intellectual capacity, our energy, and our health. No vitality in our soil increasingly means no vitality in us and those around us.

This is a fascinating discussion between two brilliant people who have spent a lifetime investigating and prototyping how to seed and grow the freshest, most delicious food possible and how do so as part of profitable local fresh food systems.

As you listen to Harry and Rick, you will start to realize the priceless nature of the dirt under your feet! Make sure you listen to the Introduction to the Solari Report Food Series that we published in May.

I anticipate significant increases in the cost of high quality fresh food over the coming years. Through the Solari Report Food Series, my hope is that Harry Blazer will inspire you as he has me to seek out or grow the finest fresh and nutritious food and to identify and support the seed companies, grocers and farmers who help us do so.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review Dirt! The Movie – a great documentary to introduce you to the role and importance of soil.

Send or post your questions for Ask Catherine.  In Money & Markets, I will cover current events as well as my assessment of the state of Europe, based on my travel and meetings in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Holland during the last two weeks.

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