Solari Report Subscribers

By Catherine Austin Fitts

[Excerpt from our Annual Wrap Up in January 2012]

This year was my first opportunity to meet a lot of Solari Report subscribers in person. I was astonished as I learned story after story of people who literally hold the world together.

Let me tell you about yourselves. You’re people who take care of business. You start and run businesses or work in very interesting ways. You’re professionals. You’re engineers. You’re architects and builders. You’re doctors. You’re lawyers.

You live modestly. You save. You invest. You take care of people in your family. You take care of your parents. You take care of your children. You take care of cousins. You take care of nieces. You take care of neighbors. You’re unbelievably giving.

I had a wonderful client this year who said, “You know, it’s not the activists who are going to change the world; it’s the people on the line.” And in fact, that was a great insight which I have been thinking and talking about a lot over the last couple months since he said it. Because, in fact, if you look at who really runs the world, it’s the people who are on the line running the operations, whether it’s government or business or communities or military.

When the consciousness of the people on the line changes, it changes everything.

What’s amazing to me about all of you is that despite all the corruption, despite all the hardships, despite all the changes, despite all the lies, despite all the weirdness, you hold everything together. You make things go. You are positive and loving.

Your leadership is a constant reminder that the power of love and gratitude translated into action is more powerful than all the corruption, greed and small-mindedness on the planet. And I assure you, I don’t underestimate the power of those forces right now.

Your impact on the world is a reminder of where real power comes from. It’s the power that we need in 2012. And it’s the power that says to me the beginning is near, because many of you have had it with the old system and the old model.

As inconvenient as it is, I think we’re all ready to start to begin anew.

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