Special Solari Report – Catherine with Jon Rappoport, “Let’s Go to the Movies”

“Everything I learned, I learned from the movies.”
– Audrey Hepburn

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This is going to be a gas, gas, gas!

Jon Rappoport and I love conversing about “the real deal.”

We finally realized we should start recording our conversations.

After Jon joined me on the Solari Report in February, we decided our next conversation should be about the movies.

Indeed, we decided to each pick our five favorite movies for explaining “the real deal” and to use these movies to weave a conversation about what is really going on in the world and how to use our imagination to create our own world.

Then we decided we should simply invite the Solari Report subscribers to listen in.

So that is what we are going to do Thursday night. And you are invited.

This is a special – so No Money & Markets and Ask Catherine. Just the two of us talking about our favorite movies.

Post any questions you have for us in the comments section or in the webinar software when we are live.

Talk to you Thursday!


  1. It really is fabulous to hear you and John talking to each other about anything, but your movie selections were great — both the ones I have seen and enjoyed and the others you mentioned that I will now have to see. Thank you again.

  2. Yes, this was a great idea — an excellent way to introduce weighty issues via the medium of what is generally regarded as “entertainment”. Looking forward to your Documentaries discussion, and maybe you should round it off with one more on books, if possible. It becomes a great resource, and one that doesn’t date.

  3. What are you allowed to be? The Scandinavian university, where I studied, on “pick your major” day, said, “On the top of our list of programmes for Indians is HOWTO setup sausage factories in India” (subtext being, beef is anti-hindu so that is what we are promoting). They were duly taken-aback, when I said, No I’m doing computer science. So, Syriana is civilian too.

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