Spiritual Warfare with Jon Rappoport

“Once you embark on a road of imagination and creating, all bets are off. All preconceptions about what you must do, make, think, assume, and believe are yesterday’s news.” ~ Jon Rappoport

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Two weeks ago, Rev. Franklin Sanders helped me address Spiritual Warfare from a Christian perspective. However, I want our discussion to be ongoing and inclusive.

I am always fascinated listening to Jon Rappoport talk about what is happening spiritually. We align on the most important concepts, though we come at and describe them differently. So I was thrilled when Jon agreed that he would address Spiritual Warfare on his quarterly report for the Solari Report this coming week.

What is Spiritual Warfare? To what degree is it a battle against opposing forces? To what degree is it the individual at odds with himself/herself? How does one tell the difference? Is there a litmus test? Is there a dimension of world affairs that supersedes and stands outside the events of the day, a spiritual dimension in which planet-shaping decisions are made. This is Jon at his very best!

In Money & Markets this week I will discuss the latest in financial and geopolitical news.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review Unmistaken Child, a 2008 documentary which follows a Tibetan Buddhist monk’s search for the reincarnation of his beloved teacher, the world-renowned lama (master teacher) Gershe Lama Konchog.

Talk to you Thursday!

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Jon has created a new special collection which includes information on how to obtain and manage power outside the confines of the matrix. He is calling it Power Outside the Matrix. It comes with my highest recommendation!

For more information on Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News.


  1. I remember Catherine saying people love John Rappoport, or they can’t stand him. I like the guy, but, I just couldn’t make it through listening to his latest presentation. He’s really convoluted in his presentations. His speaking style gets really quiet and you have to monkey with the volume as his voice gets swallowed up. I think the best value from this site is is Catherine’s personal experience of warfare with the government. I’d be fascinated to know what actually happened to her. Details of things hinted at like being poisoned and almost forced off the road by the powers that be. The second best thing the site offers is Catherine’s investment banking skills. Her knowledge of analyzing balance sheets, income statements, and documents I’m sure is second to none. I think a great idea for a show would be for her to analyze the CAFR report for a region. Perhaps her hometown of Hickory Valley, Tennessee to show Joe Six Pack how to analyze the cash flows from government in their communities. I find the off market analysis topics very interesting, like the crowd funding success story. Thank you for all of your hard work.

  2. True to form I found Jon’s presentation well delivered as always and thoughtful matching the gravity of the subject. I respect him and his views without necessarily agreeing, though on this subject I found myself very much on the same page. Looking to ourselves is fundamental to assuming responsibility for our role in shaping our realities as well as diagnosing unwelcome influences…

  3. Anthony:

    Thank you for your feedback. I have reviewed with our audio/video producer. Jon was recording through the phone and the frequency range is more limited than what I can do recording directly in the computer. I am going to talk with Jon about whether wew can get him to record directly.



  4. what a wonderful reality check. as someone who wants to know whats happening but not wanting to become overwhelmed or tainted by it, i came away thinking about weather I’m letting myself become distracted or obsessional about this thing or that thing thats going on.

    after listening I’m feeling more responsible about my thoughts and beliefs. Thats a good place to be these days. one point that jon made, that i thought was exceptionally interesting was that weather the “bad” guys are influenced by outside forces or creating them themselves they still end up at the same place. it makes no difference. I agree, but also it seems to be a cautionary to all of us to be careful and take responsibility for what we create as well.

    thanks Jon

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