Staring Down the On-Off Switch

By Catherine Austin Fitts

“You could get a journalist cheaper than a good call girl, for a couple hundred dollars a month.”
~CIA operative

We tend to think of various intelligence and media agencies as organizations that cooperate. However, the relationships are much closer and more intimate. We are looking at deep, long standing and financially profitable partnerships that create a matrix reality that entrains you.

It has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with bringing you the news or protecting your rights and assets as a citizen.

This is a theme explored in the latest movie Kill the Messenger about the CIA-Washington Post hit on reporter Gary Webb. If you have not seen it, I recommend it as a useful example of how the game is played.

Intelligence agencies and the media are engaged daily in the creative, dynamic process of inventing your world – defining your dreams, your fears, your hopes, your direction. They create. They create together. And what they create are ways of harvesting you.

For every action they take, they create a story.


  1. Thank you so much for this. It is the most cogent, succinct description I’ve ever read of the process I started over 20 years ago when I chose to distance myself from mass media.

    I turned off the TV, stopped reading magazines and rarely watch movies. It has taken a very long time to feel as if I’m even remotely close to my goal of being able to see who and what I am in this world as determined, as far as possible, by me.

    It always feels like a victory to notice where my agreements are with the consensus reality and to feel that I am making conscious choices as to how and where and when I participate.

    It can be lonely sitting even a tiny bit outside of it all, but oh, the freedom within! So worth it to play with the magic that is just through the door to the outside.

  2. Succinct and accurate Ms. Fitts. I turned off and tuned out when in my high school years (I’m now in my mid fifties). My mother always said that I viewed the world differently than her other children and she didn’t understand why I couldn’t help always questioning ANY type of authority and what they were trying to instill in my head or make me do. I did and do see what the true reality is versus the manufactured reality. I blame it on a very old (1800s) Encyclopedia that I purchased at a yard sale when I was 12 (I was always a kind of nerdy, brainy kid and these types of books always appealed to me). The things contained between those covers were NOTHING like what I was being taught in school. That was my first clue to understanding that NOTHING is as it seems. Always look for the hidden curtain, door or lie. If you look hard enough, you’ll find the ugly every time.

    This reality is not an easy one to navigate, but I am so thankful that my eyes were opened as young as they were. I believe my life would have been much different (and not for the better) if I had swallowed the official story.

  3. Dear Catherine,

    Coming to this page to comment on the brilliance of this narrative i see my sentiments are already well shared.

    I now wonder at the center of all of this, the truth that life has no inherent meaning other than survival, with the caveat that human life can choose to place meaning and in fact, absent of whatever fundamental understanding we now lack that we once didn’t, seeks to. And the machine so amazingly (i have been in awe many times) provides these illusory meanings that we seek and cling to. Perhaps the meaning seeking is in response to this fear of death that i keep pondering but unable to penetrate into.

    Once again thankyou for so often clarifying my mind during this oft-times crazy process of unraveling the lies (and for creating this community that brings this sort of like minded group together)


    • Peter:

      You are most welcome. As you know, I aspire to much more than survival. I go with the movie line “what we do in this lifetime echos in eternity.”


  4. Catherine,

    i remember you saying recently that you believe in or perhaps know of re-incarnation and so this echo you mention potentially repeats many times over. Karma would be a word others use to describe this yet it like re-incarnation is perhaps generally misunderstood. It would be fascinating to listen to a group discussion on such spiritual misinterpretations with individuals from a variety of religious cultures but perhaps, like yourself, somewhat removed from the religiiousity of their tradition. Can you see something like this as a potential solari production?

    Peter (not a nihilist 🙂

  5. Here is my reality: I had long ago stopped watching nothing-to-say news until the morning of the infamous attacks when my mother called and told me to turn on the news that planes were flying into the Twin Towers. From that time forward I became a student of their tactics. They like a narrative, they like to tell people what to think and a lot of people will follow like a cult, some will be outraged and swear at the TV and others will be as indifferent as they are to their own lives.

    But, we notice, as our financial acct’s drain and contracts are being broken on paid in full life policies we get phone calls to “upgrade” to prepare for interest rates rising. Question: so what will the interest rates be on your speculative date and rate?
    Well, you see this is why I want to meet with you.
    I don’t have time to meet with you we all know what the Federal Reserve is doing, so how the hell do you expect me to take time out of my day any day as I sort through my finances. I want you to give me some numbers and what we are looking at here and then I can decide if I will meet with you.

    Ma’m, I don’t want to start a revolution here…

    Yeah, I didn’t say that. I said if a contract can be broken why would I sign onto another if I could not count on current contract. As I calculate my numbers here as you are giving me I would be take 1,000 bucks loss…off of what you are quoting me now. But what if my income were lower than your estimate…I might walk away with some cash…

    Well, I don’t know what the tax penalties would be on that amount of inc…

    Well, how come you know how much my tax rate would be on twice the income…I can do that dumb math myself or I can call my accountant that works for me and the IRS…

    Ma’am, I’m just the messenger and trying to help….

    Oh for gosh sakes we all know the Insurance companies aren’t doing well in the current envior…

    Ma’am, I’m really not trying to sell you….

    Fine, but how can you project out interest rates that far into the future in the current financial basket-case we are in. Tell me that and we can move further from here.

    Well… we

    Oh, my God, you really are speculating..

    Well, we do have some….

    OK, Let me look at my notes and I will get back to you. And maybe I need a lawyer present for everything I do, since the only time the individual has a lawyer present is for real estate closings or divorce or death. But, I guess it wouldn’t matter anyway, since the individual would end up with the crappy lawyer. I really need to think about this. I’ll get back to you.

    I used to be naive, I used to trust, though Always skeptical, always thinking (and criticized) for my “reading too much into it.” I am now an alone individual very much on my own. I don’t know how to put that really, except to say that it doesn’t matter what you have given people financially, emotionally or spiritually they can not stand when you have to give to yourself and figure things out…they don’t want to help you. I’ve never been bitter in my life, but my morality, my sensibility has always been forth-right, honest, raw to my best ability. And, I’m ill-tempered on nonsense, so I’m screwed since that is all we have.

    So, reality for me is that I’m being stolen from constantly and that is some kind of nonsense….as a one woman band I am tired tired tired.

    So, even if I don’t find acceptance here as others have, my feelings will be hurt for a little while, but I have to move on since I detest survival BS and it’s reduction of this beautiful gift we have been given and I’m sure if we met in real life we might like each other, since this internet blogging thing by it’s nature is NOT reality. Maybe that’s why some of us (me) get unusually nasty, ill-tempered. Since we were lied to and stolen from and it comes in waves (like me insurance phone call today) and we work work work work work and keep drowning in what is the “truth” the facts and how do we navigate and invest in an non-competitive forum.

    I’m always tired trying to save my financial life and had never been obsessed about money before, so I always ask for forgiveness since this is my reality…My investments always seem under attack and I’m being debased as a real alive personality into an before my time crank.

    Thank you for this forum and tolerance as I really know their are good guys all over the earth…I’ve met them.

    • Karen:

      You describe the debasement that we are all struggling with a raw, truthful voice.

      There are so many ethical, competent people in the world. It is a matter of – as much as possible – limiting our interaction with those who are not. Just remember, though, with the world going through these kind of changes, even ethical competent people can be wrong. These are uncertain and risky times.

      When I was very young, one of my most important life decisions was to conclude that I had been born into a very primitive culture, but that I had the power to chose to not be primitive – to instead contribute to building a more intelligent, advanced civilization. I do not control the people around me. I can however chose to be not primitive myself.

      Each day I try. Each day I find enormous room for improvement. I try never to allow the debasement to destroy my spirit, my better habits or my power to turtle on~! That is the essence of spiritual warfare.

      Sending prayers for your efforts too.


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