Staring Down the On-Off Switch

By Catherine Austin Fitts

“You could get a journalist cheaper than a good call girl, for a couple hundred dollars a month.”
~CIA operative

We tend to think of various intelligence and media agencies as organizations that cooperate. However, the relationships are much closer and more intimate. We are looking at deep, long standing and financially profitable partnerships that create a matrix reality that entrains you.

It has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with bringing you the news or protecting your rights and assets as a citizen.

This is a theme explored in the latest movie Kill the Messenger about the CIA-Washington Post hit on reporter Gary Webb. If you have not seen it, I recommend it as a useful example of how the game is played.

Intelligence agencies and the media are engaged daily in the creative, dynamic process of inventing your world – defining your dreams, your fears, your hopes, your direction. They create. They create together. And what they create are ways of harvesting you.

For every action they take, they create a story.

Let’s say the CIA or one of their corporate contractors was going to assassinate a housewife. They have in their arsenal literally thousands of playbooks.

  • How to stage the body.
  • What poisons and various other techniques to use to engineer the physical deed.
  • Numerous options for the people and methods used to deliver the kill.
  • Methods to create the cover story.
  • Preparation of the forged suicide notes either sent in the mail or left at the scene.
  • A playbook full of of techniques to smear the target as unstable, undesirable.

The reporters and media trucks are lined up to arrive while the body is still warm and make sure their story line is told. A neighbor is lined up to give the right quotes. It could be a local stooge. It could also be an agent or actor posing as an “unnamed neighbor.” Since the media is on board for the story line, authenticity is not necessary.

You can always pay the locals off with, for example, an inside deal on a HUD foreclosure, or expedited approvals of social security disability under questionable circumstances.

By the time you are through staging and launching a complex series of events, a wide number of people experiencing personal shock and grief have been railroaded into believing that a happy, sane mother with a love of life was depressed and indeed killed herself.

Her own husband, her own children become convinced that she was unhappy. They read it in the newspapers. The neighbors said so.

The family feels shame for not knowing that she was so unhappy. What kind of a husband is he? What kind of children were they? By the time their shame wears off and they start asking questions, it is too late, everyone has agreed. The story is written. Oh, yes, she was depressed and she killed herself.

The right media is essential. It defines the story.

The narcotics trafficking and the mortgage fraud in the neighborhood that she tried to persuade her husband and neighbors to help her stop continue. Control files continue to grow. The cash flows continue, uninterrupted by concerned busy bodies.

The media role is a high return investment. Not only does the story go, but also you make money selling papers full of death and poignant tragedies.

People want meaning, they value drama. So the agencies give it to them. They invent stories to give energy to the events they create, the opinions and “solutions” they desire, and which serve the goals they want to accomplish.

This is like reality TV shows, but more intense.

They design these stories to cater to the desire of the public to be entertained, to feel good about themselves. My children are not involved in drugs because we are good Christian people and I am a good mother, unlike those [Pick the group being gentrified out: black, white trash, Hispanic people] who do not raise their children right.

What is even more remarkable about the matrix reality that is created in the process is that it is a multiple personality disorder reality.

Some people draw more meaning from positive futures. Some people draw more meaning from – and are easier to control – with scary futures.

For example, while the cover page and home page of every major media outlet is screaming about Ebola, the business networks are quietly receiving the message, “Don’t worry, this is not a practical health issue that will impact you or your business in the United States.”

There is a whole armada of “in the know” disinformation agents assuring you that the collapse of the US economy is guaranteed by this December. At the same time, the investment networks are being assured that the long-term bull in the US market is going to continue – yes, it’s morning America!

There are many more pictures, many more futures. We are optimizing meaning within the matrix. So the sky is the limit!

Whatever your deepest desire is collapse, American renaissance, you name it – we have created a media niche that will affirm your preferred reality and ensure that agency friendly media and investment businesses are making money on your reality flavor.

You get meaning. They get to control you.

It seems to me that we each have superior ways to create meaning in our life without sacrificing reality.

Maybe we ought to stop craving adrenal stimulation and entrainment from the giant US intelligence-media matrix-creating sting operation.

If we turn it on, we have the power to turn it off.