Starting a Solari Circle Investment Club with Paul Ferguson – March 21

“Let’s do a deal.” ~Albert Sullivan

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Want to team up to learn how the economy works? Want to go past the headlines to see how the money really works? There is no better way than to join with friends and family to start to research and invest together.

“BUT”, you say, “I can’t be an investor because I have no money!” Investing begins with attitude and knowledge. You can start with a simulation. Learning about the economy and the investment process with others in a simulation will help you develop skills to attract and make money.

If you have a small amount of assets to invest and are willing to combine it with a savings program, that works as well.

If you have significant assets, teaming up with others can help build your skills and your intelligence. Given the growing risks in the environment, having teammates helping you protect your wealth can lower your fret levels a lot!

There are numerous ways to start and operate a Solari Circle that focuses on investment. You can meet in person or by phone. You can organize your membership within a family or within a network of personal friends. You can combine your meetings with a pot luck dinner or meet at a restaurant. Think of this as a conspiracy designed to help you successfully manage your finances. We are more powerful together than alone.

In 2005, Paul Ferguson helped me start a Solari Circle with members from ten states who met by phone every Monday evening for the last seven years. Paul is a private investor and entrepreneur who has twice chaired one of the oldest, largest investment clubs in the country. This Thursday, Paul will join me to talk about what we learned creating and running a Solari Circle focused on liquid securities and other liquid investment.

I will post an updated version of the partnership documents developed for our Circle at the subscriber area of this blog post.

I will start with a discussion of events in Cyprus and what it means to the markets and you in Money and Markets and answer your questions in Ask Catherine. Please post your questions on the blog.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review Something Ventured, a documentary that tells the story of the venture capitalists who financed the creation and early years of Intel, Apple, Cisco, Atari, Genetech, PowerPoint and Tandem

This will be an important Solari Report – I hope you will join us!

Talk to you Thursday!

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