Sugar Addiction: Getting It, Ending It

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The Solari Report – 16 Sept 10

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by Catherine Austin Fitts

This Thursday I will be speaking with Dr. Robert Lustig, Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at the University of California – San Francisco’s Benioff Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Lustig is nationally recognized in the field of neuroendocrinology, with an emphasis on the regulation of energy balance by the central nervous system. He is interested in how biochemical, neural, hormonal and genetic influences contribute to obesity in children and adults.

One of our subscribers, healed of sugar addiction thanks to Dr. Lustig’s work, introduced me as I struggled with the same. At last, I found an approach that worked from a doctor who has had the courage to speak publicly about what is really happening to our food.

This will be a fascinating conversation with a gifted doctor and researcher. I hope you will join us.

I will start with Money & Markets. I will focus on questions for Dr. Lustig this week. For our video, I encourage you to watch Dr. Lustig’s presentation: “Sugar: The Bitter Truth.”

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