Swine Flu Doubleheader

On this week’s Solari Report, it’s a “how to” doubleheader on Swine Flu.

Dr. Laura Thompson of the Southern California Institute of Nutrition joins us to talk about the health aspects of swine flu. I asked members of my Solari Circle how Laura could best help them sort through the swine flu health issues. They will participate in our discussion to ask Laura their questions:

~ What can we do now to build our immune systems in anticipation of flu season and/or vaccinations?

~ What natural remedies can you use if you contract swine flu?

~ What are the risks of taking the vaccination?

~ If you are vaccinated by force, what can you do protect your health?

~ What do we say to teach those around us why they should avoid the vaccination?

Then attorney Alan Phillips (see our July 23 Solari Report) returns to address legal strategies for individuals and communities to avoid forced experimental vaccinations. Watch out, he says, for flawed strategies and deliberate disinformation.

Because good health is an essential ingredient to personal and family wealth, I want to do everything I can to help you successfully navigate the risks of experimental vaccines and other forced government health policies over the coming year.

We will begin with our Money and Markets to keep you posted on the top stories in the financial world followed by some of your questions in Ask Catherine.

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The original usage of “doubleheader” is attributed to the 1900s railway industry to refer to two locomotives pulling a particularly long and heavy train. It is an appropriate word to describe the courage and strength of Dr. Thompson and Alan Phillips and their commitment to helping us find options as we manage our way through the “swine flu event.”

This will be an important and timely discussion—you will not want to miss it!

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