Technology – Week of 2.28.10

Brain Scanners To Be Used To ‘Design’ Political Candidates
The Register (5 March 10)

Silicon Valley Rules Oscars as Hollywood Looks North (5 March 10)

China to Launch Space Station Module
New York Times (3 March 10)

One in Four Germans Wants Microchip Under Skin
The Raw Story (1 March 10)

gWallet Launches New Format For Virtual Currency Offers; Eyes International Expansion
TecCrunch (25 Feb 10)

TradeShift Launches to Disrupt an Entire Financial System – And Morten Lund is Advising
TecCrunch (25 Feb 10)

Ice Deposits Found at Moon’s Pole
BBC News (2 March 10)

Theo Jansen – Kinetic Sculptor

Low-cost Cabins Offered For Post-Haiti Earthquake Housing
Miami Herald (24 Feb 10)

Huge Antarctic Iceberg Broke Off as Scientists Focused Elsewhere
Dallas News (27 Feb 10)