The $134.5 Billion Mystery Bonds

The discussion and debate about the $134.5 billion bonds seized by the Italian government continues. We thought we would put all the links in one post.

Discrepancies in America’s Accounts Hide a Black Hole
Financial Times (14 June 09)

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Market-Ticker (17 June 09)

Suitcase With $134 Billion Puts Dollar on Edge: William Pesek (17 June 09)

Strange Inconsistencies in the $134.5 Billion Bearer Bond Mystery
Seeking Alpha (16 June 09)

The Mystery Bonds: Enter The Cult!
Cannonfire (14 June 09)

2 Japanese Carrying $134 Bil Worth of U.S. Bonds Detained in Italy
Japan Today (11 June 09)


Ongoing $134.5 Billion Bearer Bond Mystery: Possible Link to Upcoming Bank Holiday
Seeking Alpha (16 July 09)

Is This The Death of The Dollar?
The Telegraph (20 June 09)

Everything Suggests That The American Bonds Seized at Chiasso Are Real
Asia (30 June 09)


  1. Benjamin Fulford has commented on this at
    Could you give us your opinion on his comments, please?

    The Iranian government has informed the Obama administration that Saddam
    Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction are located in a valley close to
    the Iraqi border. They have offered the Americans a chance to go in
    peacefully and retrieve them. These weapons include over a dozen neutron
    bombs, each 20 times more powerful than the ones used on Nagasaki and
    Hiroshima. Instead of retrieving these weapons Obama tried to overthrow
    the Iranian regime and set up a regime that would actually use them
    against Israel.

    Obama is clearly part of the Skull and Bones/Thule Society alliance with
    the families that control radical Sunni Islam (the Saiids and others).
    They would like to get their rivals, the Jews and the Shias to kill each
    other in an nuclear holocaust, trigger WW3, and thus make it easier for
    them to establish their 1,000 year Reich or Caliphate.

    The two Japanese arrested in Italy with $134.5 billion worth of US
    government bonds were trying to use that money for an operation to
    bankrupt the Iranian government and thus overthrow it?according to the
    Italian Treasury police and MI6. The Japanese slave regime of Aso Taro
    and the Chinese faction that wants to restore the Ming Dynasty were
    cooperating with these scum bag mass murderers. The two Japanese who
    were arrested were set free because they were carrying diplomatic
    passports. The bonds were sent back to the US Treasury department which,
    of course, issued its standard excuse that they were “forgeries.” What
    crazy thing are these people going to try next unless they are stopped?


    There is a lot of confusion these days among people who still believe
    the Zionist web of lies formerly known as the “mainstream consensus.”
    The story about the $134.5 billion in bonds found in Italy is adding to
    that confusion. Perhaps a bit of background information will help
    clarify the situation somewhat.

    First of all people need to realize that there are two sets of books
    used in global finance: the “official” data put out by government
    agencies etc. and the secret financial arrangements used between
    sovereign entities (countries as well as organizations). When members of
    the British and Japanese royal families first contacted me and started
    talking about thousands of trillions of dollars, I thought they were
    bonkers. Officially world GDP is $55 trillion so their numbers seemed
    impossible. However, after meeting multiple sources ranging from
    freemasons, to yakuza, to MI6 to Japanese security police, to CIA etc. I
    can now confirm there is a secret financial system whose total worth is
    “quintillions of dollars.” I think the numbers got this big as a result
    of some sort of ridiculous contest to see who had the largest penis
    among the folk who control the printing presses for dollars and euros etc.

    In any case, the bonds found in Italy are connected to a massive
    operation that took place in the Far East before and during WW2. Part of
    that involved the Japanese invasion of Manchuria. When the Japanese
    invaded Manchuria in 1931 the owners of the Federal Reserve Board
    contacted the Chinese emperor and said “the Japanese are about to steal
    the treasure you have in Manchuria. How about we take that treasure to
    the Philippines for safe keeping? In exchange we will give you 70-year
    US government bonds that you can use to buy stuff from around the world.”

    The emperor agreed to the deal and the Americans started issuing huge
    numbers of bonds backed by the emperor’s gold. To keep these shenanigans
    out of the US public eye, they printed the bonds in the Philippines.
    Some of these bonds are the ones the two Japanese were carrying in Italy.

    This whole thing also ties into 911 big time. When the emperor made his
    deal with the Feds he asked them what would happen when the bonds came
    due and the Feds refused to pay back the principal. He was told US
    criminal authorities would take action.

    The owners of the Fed thought they would never have to pay back the
    money because they thought the last emperor died as a gardener in
    communist China. What they did not realize was that the man in China was
    a double and that the real emperor escaped to Taiwan. His grandson, the
    current emperor, is now the dean of a University (I know his name and
    what university but to protect him I cannot tell).

    The grandson had many other treasures in addition to the one taken to
    the Philippines and so he sued the Feds using top lawyers. A giant
    investigation was set up in the US involving the Treasury police, the
    Naval Office of Investigations, the FBI and Cantor Fitzgerald
    Securities. When first bonds came due for redemption on September 12,
    2001, they were set to move against the Feds.

    Well by lucky coincidence on September 11, 2001 “Al CIADA” bombed the
    Naval Office of Investigations, etc. out of existence and the
    investigation was temporarily blocked as the US was turned into a
    fascist dictatorship (if you do not understand this find a copy of the
    Nazi laws and compare them to the patriot act).

    There is now a secret war going on between the royal families who have
    real treasure (the British, the Chinese, the Thai etc.) and the
    aristocratic families who own dollar and Euro printing presses. At stake
    is the future of this planet. The owners of the real treasure want to
    start a new financial system backed by metals and start a campaign to
    permanently end war, poverty and environmental destruction. The owners
    of the money printing presses want to continue their cycle of perpetual
    war and terror in order to keep control over humanity.

    The Japanese arrested in Italy were part of that secret war and they
    were released immediately and sent on their way with their bonds. There
    is so much contradictory information from the Italian Treasury Police,
    MI6 and Japanese military intelligence sources that I cannot say whose
    side these guys were on. I am just glad the astronomical numbers
    released to the corporate media created congnitive dissonance among the
    still brain washed.

  2. I don’t know. My intuition says that Fulford has access to some good information. However, when you get into the current covert side, things are very organic and there is a lot of disinformation. So how to cull through and get the nuggets? Again, I don’t know. For sure there is a game of musical chairs as 1200 trillion of paper circulates the planet looking for something real to hold on to.

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