The Chicken Heart That Ate Up NYC

YouTube | November 22 2015

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Over the last ten days, I have sat at my computer as the threat of terrorism exploded from engulfing Europe, to coming across the US border, to infiltrating each state, to arriving in my rural county. I am waiting for the e-mail that tells me they are at my door.

Now, I appreciate that if I engage in too much amusement on this topic, I could incite an order to one of the local drug gangs to do a home invasion. Yes, I understand why people go along: if you don’t pretend, you might attract official reality “enforcement.”  And who has time?

I would, however, recommend that you revisit the Cosby routine, The Chicken Heart That Ate Up NYC. We are witnessing an old playbook — it is simply played today with mind-bending planetary intensity and reach.