The Dollar, Gold & the S&P 500 with Rambus

“Investing is a business where you can look very silly for a long period of time before you are proven right.”
~ Bill Ackman

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Technical analysis is very difficult to do well. Rambus of Rambus Chartology is special: his charting and analysis offer deep insight into the financial and commodities markets. Under his tutelage, financial  complexity organizes into important, actionable insight.

Three indicators are of great importance to me in all aspects of what I do. I regularly check in with Rambus for his analysis. For this week’s Solari Report, Rambus has agreed to do a written interview rich with charts on:

  • Gold
  • The US $
  • The S&P 500

Results, of course, speak for themselves. Rambus has produced some big ones. Among his most memorable was calling the downturn in precious metals prices in 2011. Like yours truly, he also experienced the wrath of the goldbugs as a result. We will talk about that and more.

Rambus shuns publicity, so he has agreed to a written interview. We will publish it for subscribers and I will discuss it for the audio portion of our report.

The latest Economist has announced that dollar supremacy is unsustainable, while the signs of declining American power are growing. I am glad we will have an opportunity to have this discussion.

I will also cover the latest market events and geopolitics in Money & Markets. Make sure to post or e-mail your questions for Ask Catherine.

I hope you’ll join us on the Solari Report this Thursday. If you’re not a subscriber yet, you can learn more about becoming one here.

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  1. Thanks Rambus and Catharine for the very informative interview and chart data. Thank you for providing a copy /paste text narrative with the charts. I am traveling now (East Africa) and connectivity is poor where I am. This format worked perfectly.

    All the best, Allison

  2. Dear Catherine and Allison:

    I really am lost. Allison “gets it” while I do not.

    Catherine you post over and over and over again Sir James Goldsmith. I hear him and I get it.

    But I have to say I keep losing money and more importantly freedom…I’ve never stayed up so late in my life. I’m used to no sleep, but I find myself studying all day and late into the evening promising myself that I’m NOT going to post here, yet I do and I’m wondering why since y’all seem satisfied with you returns and I’m not.

    Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

    If you can’t and I’m not suited here kick me out since I appreciate honesty.



    • Karen:

      There are thousands of people who read this site and to my knowledge of those who are authorized to post, none have posted about where or not they are satisfied with the returns on their financial portfolio.

      Give that interest rates have been driven to zero, my guess is that very few are.

      But you are correct. If you keep whining without productive contribution, I will stop approving your posts.


    • Karen:

      I support personal freedom and privacy. If Rambus wants to stay private fine with me – he has offered me several opportunities to visit with him and his colleagues which gives me what I need to know to be confident of his ability and personal integrity.

      You are free to value my underwriting of his credibility or not and free to review the fruits of his labor with your own independent analysis.


  3. Catherine, You don’t get it? I think you do. Fraud Fraud Fraud. I’m now with a “new” discounted broker and it’s the same old same old. Only worse.

    I never experienced regret in my life except for current times that no one wants to answer to.

    I think it’s an excuse for technology and war (money that is).



  4. Karen:

    Last warning. If you are looking for a website where you can seek pity and attention, you are in the wrong place. We seek posters who give intelligence and energy and are seeking to learn and teach.


  5. Dear Catherine,

    That was another great Solari Report, especially in the sense that it challenges my own thinking…

    First, I want to say that it was odd to just read rather than also hear and listen to the voice of Rambus. For me, this made it even more challenging to accept Rambus views. You could have had the charts posted and some of his comments, as you have done with others, ans still have had a conversation with him, no? Anyway, having said that, rest assured that I do wish to make a more constructive comment/suggestion as well!

    The US dollar index, in my view, has become irrelevant in so far as a measure of the strength of the USD. That is simply because of the fact that the composition of the currencies that make up that index or at least the weighting given to each of them no longer represents the importance/strength/value of the USD in global trade and this has been the case for a long time. So why do technical analysis on what could be virtually irrelevant as an index/indicator?

    A better (maybe?) index for that purpose that I would really like to see what Rambus thinks of, or even better, whether he would reach the same conclusions if he used this index in lieu of the US Dollar Index, is the Fed’s trade weighted index (TWEXBPA) which you can find here:

    As you know, I am a keen searcher of the truth when it comes to money itself. So, I am always interested in finding out what smart people like you (and, it would seem, Rambus as well) think about where this floating abstraction thing we now call the US dollar is heading!…

    Thank you and take care,


    • Louis:

      There is no doubt that Rambus is a very private person. He had originally agreed to do an interview and then after being hacked so badly, decided that he wanted to do by writing. I have to respect that as one of the reasons he is so good at charting is that he has great powers of focus and concentration. Speaking in public can interrupt that concentration – it can and does for me as well.

      Your comment on the trade weighted index is excellent. I will send to Rambus and invite his comment.

      The challenge I have on understanding the dollar is that I think the potential scenarios are quite wide and that a very important variable is what happens on the covert side – which as you know is hard to see clearly.

      Thanks, Louis!

      • Thanks, Catherine.

        Best wishes with Rambus!

        I would really value his analysis on the Fed’s index, because he is so good at what he does.

        BTW, I almost registered to attend the Secret Space Program conference… Unfortunately, the 31st is the day of the final match of the RWC and, as an indoctrinated Kiwi, I simply could not miss watching it with ‘mates’ especially after slaughtering the French in the quarter final match 62 to 13!! I’m hoping for an All Blacks (NZL) vs Pumas (ARG) final…

        If you’re still in the UK or Europe then, make sure you watch at least one of the semi finals on the 23rd and 24th (see; the atmosphere in a local pub could be electrifying and a truly memorable experience…

        Best wishes and safe travels,


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