The Essence of Solari

In the summer of 2006, Harry Blazer invited me to discuss the Solari investment model with him. We recorded our conversation, calling it The Essence of Solari.

When I worked in the first Bush Administration one of my deputies often said “in the destruction of the old, let there be the creation of the new.” Given the disintegration in our civilization, I thought I would publish the recording. Where are the opportunities to exit or shift the current control system and emerge new governance and financial systems that align people and living things in a healthy real economy?

Here was Harry’s description of our conversation:

“Whether you are new to Solari or a seasoned connoisseur, you will find this interview “essential.” Through a highly accessible conversational format, Catherine  illuminates the core themes and concepts of her “blueprint for a new investment model for the planet” and how it applies to you and your networks.

The key concepts found in her writings and seminars are defined and explained clearly, concisely and comprehensively.

The following key themes and core concepts are examined:

  • Why the word Solari?
  • What is the fundamental goal of Solari?
  • Why the emphasis on “illumination?”
  • What is the significance of Catherine’s personal mission statement: “to liquefy and make accessible.”
  • What is the meaning and role of “equity” in Catherine’s investment blueprint?
  • Why is being a member of the “decentralization team” critical to your welfare?
  • What is “financial intimacy” and why is it useful for reducing our risk?
  • What is the role of liquid, transparent and free markets?
  • What is The Solari model for the optimization of wealth?
  • Why does the Individual matter?
  • How is money a critical form of energy?
  • What is a “morphogenic field”?
  • What’s the big deal about being able to “see the tapeworm,” Catherine’s nickname for our current negative-return-on-investment-economy?
  • What is liquidity and why is it so important?
  • What are Solari Circles?
  • How can we use metrics such as the Popsicle Index?
  • Is there a role for spirituality?
  • Which will we chose: to be free or to be a slave?

In a world where the wrong choices will lead to misery and depopulation, the Solari investment model informs the creation of a blueprint for how we can use our time, money, intellect and relationships to create abundance—to indeed choose life.”

The Essence of Solari:

Part 1:

Part 2:


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