The Lone Trader

Usually it’s the “lone” assassin. Now that coup d’etats are financial, we have the “lone” or “rogue” trader.



The lone trader strikes again ala 2008:

SocGen Reels From Record $7billion Rogue Trader Fraud
By Sudip Kar-Gupta – Reuters (Jan 2008)

SocGen Director Offloaded Eur100m Worth of Shares
By Dearball Jordan – TimesOnline (28 Jan 2008)

Updates on this story:

French Police Hold SocGen Trader
By Martin Arnold, et al – (25 Jan 2008)SocGen Accused of Smokescreen After Loss
By Martin Arnold, et al – (27 Jan 2008)

Rogue Trader to Escape Fraud Charges as it Emerges His Brother Was Sacked For ‘Get Rich Scheme’
The Daily Mail (29 Jan 2008)

The lone trader strikes ala 1995:

Markets Shaken as a British Bank Takes a Big Loss
By Richard W. Stevenson – New York Times (27 Feb 1995)

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