The Missing Money

Wayne Gretzky once said, when asked the secret of his success at ice hockey, “I skate to where the puck will be.”

It is for the same reason I keep bringing up the issue of money missing from the US federal government and the possibility that collateral fraud and counterfeiting of US government and agency securities were instrumental in facilitating the transfers.

If we simply accept as a given books and records that are not reliable when there is significant evidence that vast sums have been stolen or transferred illegally, we will find ourselves being controlled and bought with the very money stolen from us.

We will endure the ultimate leveraged buyout in the history of our civilization.

This one financial issue will be an important determining factor as to whether our children and grandchildren will live as free men and women or not.

But it is too late, say some, as the money is gone. Actually, it is not too late to recapture funds. If liabilities were illegally or fraudulently originated, we may not be liable for them. In addition, if we are still interacting with liable parties with assets, we can create rights of set-aside for those responsible.

I am inspired by the story last week of the Italian seizure of billions in US bonds from two Japanese crossing the border into Switzerland . Max Keiser Comments

Do you think it is impossible for billions, if not trillions, of counterfeit or unrecorded sovereign and agency bonds to be issued and floating around the world?

Think again…

The Missing Money

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  1. Dear Catherine: where were these boys headed and with whom were they going to meet? might be two questions that need to be answered. These were not common denominations or common bonds to begin with. They are, if not counterfeit, serialized and at some point the owner will be located. Also that’s a loose courier job to begin with ( a false bottom in an attache case???!!!) With the trillions in $s alone that are in the financial ether, the amount though massive can be included with the trillions as exposed by Donald Rumsfeld at the McKinney hearing; nor the pallets of billions on the tarmac in Bagdad; nor the $234 million in drug money proceeds found a room in Mexico City, nor the offshored trillions ‘supposedly involved’ in the Leo Wanta episode to bring down the soviet ruble in the 1980’s; nor any of the trillions that HR 1207 is attempting to find in an audit of the FED…There is so much unwashed money ( bonds?) hiding offshore that three things will never happen: 1) a verifiable audit of the FED, 2) the end of offshore ( tax haven ) banking, 3) the end of unregulated Hedge funds. Some one got sloppy with $134.5 b in bonds….just a trickle of the hidden loot. We are all victims of this massive financial heist. as always , Richard(the oldwiseman)

  2. @oldwiseman

    If your assumption is that the establishment wishes to destroy the current system in preparation for a new global system, a Huxleyian Brave New World, then I believe one will develop different conclusions based upon this frame of reference. Namely, one may see the $134B Bond episode, the audit the fed effort, the unregulated Hedge fund dilemma, and the theft of public monies as merely the front-end of the global dialectic that is being created. When I say “front-end,” I mean the first of the following three steps as stipulated by Marx: “affirmation, negation and negation of the negation.”

    In fact, Max Keiser basically calls it out in the first 10-15 minutes of his podcast, as referenced in this post, strongly hinting at the need for a global auditing system. In fact, he states, “if you are against the global system you are against global accounting.”

    The setup is now complete and the frames (ie. dialectics) established. Hence, if you want to clean up this mess, there is only ONE way, and that is to establish a global accounting and auditing system. They just won, Gotcha!

    They first create the problem (ie. affirmation), a Global system with no apparent rules and plenty of loopholes; then they create the “reaction” (ie. negation) by stealing funds, leveraging hedgefunds, etc.; then lastly they propose their pre-planned “solution” (ie negation of the negation), which will be a global economic, accounting and auditing system to keep all of us little serfs safe from the big bad economic thieves.

    Well, once they have that, it is game over. Global servitude forever for all of us. Who cares if a few middlemen have to go to jail for playing along. They control the entire global economic system and there is no government that can protect the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of its sovereign citizens, as we’ll have a global system answerable only to a community of oligarchs.

  3. Someone just sent me the following note. That is an interesting coincidence. I can’t imagine if we were laundering the TARP money into Switzerland, that we would use one courier. Who knows, it just keeps getting weirder.


    Now this should interest you, being that you are a high finance kind of person. Remember those two “Japanese” who were caught a few days ago trying to
    smuggle $134.5 billion in U.S. bearer bonds into Switzerland?

    Two Japanese caught smuggling US bonds worth $134.5 billion

    Well, the Wall Street Journal reported on 30 March 2009 that there were
    $134.5 billion of TARP funds left in the U.S. Treasury Department’s
    financial rescue fund.

    Treasury Has $134.5 Billion Left in TARP

    What a coincidence, eh? Maybe that $134.5 billion left in the TARP fund
    is the *same* $134.5 billion that two “Japanese” tried to smuggle into
    Switzerland last week? Maybe the Feds are trying to smuggle their *own*
    money out of the country and into Switzerland, because they know the
    whole American financial system is headed for the toilet at warp speed?

  4. @Bert and Catherine: Couldn’t agree with you more Bert…I have in prior comments pointed out that all the central banks, and other funding organizations ( Swiss banks numbered accounts, IMF, World Bank, Im-Ex Bank, BIS and others ) have been complicit in dodging the accounting rules for quite some time…and actually I have come to the realization that, that may be their real function in essence, is to hide/launder money!!; funnel most proceeds to offshore tax haven banks, while providing the every day bank account client with a minimal service…and as fiduciaries of covert operations ( see the movie SWORDFISH, see US Treasury Secr. Lloyd Bentsen’s comments about the $100 b electronic funds missing from the balance sheets in 1992 on his way to the Summit of the Americas in Miami, the $65 b Madoff scandal, the multi billion Sir Allen Stanford bank scandal, BCCI scandal, the Vance Packard books about the S&L scandal and the ‘Keating Five’, the Banco Ambrosiano scandal( see the movie the Pontiff w/ Christopher Reeves), and so many more ) they will continue to maintain the cherade of “sound money policies and open trade economics” . Christopher Story, a British financial/currency analyst has been posting for several years now the tale about Ambassador Leo Wanta and a “unverified” covert manipulation( in the trillions of $) of the Soviet ruble that destabilized that country in the 1980’s that primarily was instrumental on bringing down the Soviet Union at that time ( we were told of 100 suitcase sized nuclear warheads “missing”, a bio weapons lab in Kyrgistan was abandoned , later to be salvaged by a US scientific rescue mission )that was sponsored by Reagan( as well as the WH basement covert Iran-Contra Scandal as well–lets not forget Mena Arkansas too )…This most recent foiled transfer/sale??? of the $134.5 b in US Treasury bonds is most likely a covert ops( see Benjamin Fulford’s comments )…Just some of that “missing” money inadvertantly resurfacing before the public press. As for the GLOBAL AUDIT that you desire….well…please refer to your worst case scenario…Bert, Catherine, IMHO these folks in control of the media, economy, military are hard wired to be survivors and will emphatically promote the eugenics mindset, the Darwinian “survival of the fittest theory”, the Margerite Sanger ( cum Bill Gates, etc. ) PLANNED PARRENTHOOD methodology, the former Maoist Chinese one child policy, Louis Huxley writings, H.G. Wells 1984, Cold Spring Harbor science, the Georgia Guidestone mindset, the WHO Level 6 ” mandatory vaccinations” declaration, and the mindset that has so many call for a planetary reduction of population….yes all this is IMHO ( H is for humble ) behind the reported reason why we are certainly on our own…no protections! with no civil authority to come to the rescue…The auditors of this FINANCIAL COUP d’ETAT if they were to be assembled would be welcomed with open arms and have access to a vast fortune were they to agree to conceal the looting ( hell they own Congress, the Wh and the SCOTUS too)!!!! Anyway that’s my very cynical opinion…our work is to prepare for the worst and live life to the fullest….never stop living life!!! It’s that what they are out of touch with and we have it!!!! There is undue abundance to feed all, house all and provide a reasonable standard of living for the entire current global population: BUT SCARCITY AND LIMITATION IS WHAT THEY ARE SELLING!!!! Any buyers??? They( the folks who direct the masses into complacency ) are steadily consolidating their holdings and as we, the taxpayers, agree to the bailouts ( or don’t agree whatever the case may be) they will milk this one until we are skin and bones in our own homes…or relocated to the many FEMA camps eating their “certified GMO foods”, drinking their “certified flouridated water”, breathing their “scientifically sponsored Chemtrail laden air”, vaccinated by their “certified mercury laden drugs” ….need I say more on the down side Bert???? I just was sacked from a delivery job where I drove 10,000 miles a month for less than $10.00 per hour and I was a gerbil in a cage headed for a stress test at the nearby hospital…I am relieved that I “mysteriously” was by the grace of g-d, removed from harms way…Oh I still maintain a 22 hour call center job as an appointment setter for a company that offers LONG TERM CARE insurance policies…one more heist for the gipper…HA! sorry I went on and on, but we are all faced with a menacing group who will be meeting again this summer at the Bohemian Grove to set fire to CARE….good that commented Bert..have a good day, Richard

  5. @Catherine: I apologize for the length of the prior post…Yet….I am of a mind that the metabolic rate of this heist has become heightened to a very rapid pulse….and as such, I seem to currently write with an urgency that is unlike me….In accord with Bert I too see “problem, reaction, solution” as the calling card being offered by the “controllers”. as always, Richard (theoldwiseman)

  6. I’m not sure if I was unclear in my earlier post, but just for the sake of clarification I am arguing that we are in the middle stages of the dialectic: “the negation.” In this stage the problems (ie economic disarray) are being exacerbated to the point that the public will scream for a “solution” to the economic chaos.

    The final stage of global dialectic that I am speaking of will be the implementation of a “solution” (i.e. “the negation of the negation”), which will comprise a global economic and political system that will be modeled on Huxley’s Brave New World.

    So, what I am saying is that the thievery and corruption is being facilitated, encouraged and manufactured in order to accentuate the pain experienced by the public in this middle phase. Hence, it is merely a means to an end and not an end in itself.

    As far as the Alex Jones, GCN, RBN type prognostications of Marshall law and mayhem, I do not subscribe to this frame as I see it as only a fear tactic and diversion for the Patriot community.

  7. @Bert: You were as clear as crystal…I completely agree…and yes, I thoroughly understand that we are in a “middle” stage of what might become a saga for many, many years to come. If we allow the continuation of the financial structures and personages who have brought us to this moment in time to remain at the helm and apply old “tried and true” solutions to new problems, it is of my opinion that we will forgo any chance to have a renewal; and also lose in the meantime all of the freedoms that were fought for with blood and guts; the freedoms that became our rights over the many prior centuries ( We are still experiencing a War on Our Citizens ( a/k/a Drugs)) and just see what has become of the trade unions, dissent is an all but bygone possibility ). I apologize for my hyperbole, yet I am convinced that during this stage the steady accumulation and redirection of wealth upward is as great a threat as the concluding stage(s)…I am not a violent person and the gruffness in Alex’s gutteral tone of voice is disturbing to me also…yet the elements needed to convene marshal law are in place. Whether they are utilized is another matter. So in that respect I beg to differ as I find the transfer of wealth upward as a visible signpost that allows the masses to gaze upon where they might see that the Emperor is truly without his clothes….as they huddle in the alleyways of their former always, Richard(theoldwiseman)

  8. Their paper wealth is tenuous at best, so is their hold on their fiat-power. All we gotta do is sneeze and their carefully crafted labyrinth disintegrates…. and it will, like always, throughout history these arrogant turkey’s fail. Not sure why they can’t see it, I mean, they are just “men”.

    I just hate the fact that we gotta go through this stupid stuff again. I mean, I got better things to do with my time than screw around with a bunch of arrogant psychopaths who think they are elitists and who can’t stop playing king of the mountain.


    As far as AJ et. al. are concerned, well, they’re job is to send the public into a state of learned helplessness… that’s the reason they’re working so hard selling all the gloom and doom BS. Yeah, run to the hills and live on beans and rice and put your head in the sand why this tiny cabal runs roughshod all over your land. Give me a break.

  9. @Bert: “Ugh”??….I was happier when I was eating beans and rice and living in rural America during the Reagan Years…today….well I too agree that the fiat system is “tenuous”…Yet those “psychopaths” have their personal survival mode turned up high and we the peace loving huddled masses are the unwary recipients for whatever machinations they concoct…and yes, I am a strong believer that we have free will and as such some of us will gather in workable onclaves with similar thinking folks ( safety in numbers??) or we will be religated to a “plantation society” with the “oligarchs” as overseers…I hope the sense of humour that Catherine longs for will arise in time to save the day. Tonight a coworker found in her clothes a lady bug and decided to release it to the great outdoors…I remember summer nights when 1000’s of lightening bugs glowed in the evening nights on Long Islands grassy lands…renewal will arise when the “menace” ends being the center of attention…so Bert I too regard the oligarchs as that menace…I hope they take the soft path and leave the rest of us alone…Richard

  10. Oh, the are definitely pushing society toward neo-feudalism (“plantation society”). Just look at the nice little gardens Michele Obama and the “Queen” have planted to lead the public (see Catherine’s other post).

    They and their enclave get to keep all the technology, all the worlds resources, and we get to live off their land under their control outside their technological habitat metros. Yup, that’s where they want to take us, but they will fail, they always do.

  11. Someone pointed out another reference to $134.5 billion.

    “U.S. TIC data show that during the 12 months ending January 2007, Japanese
    investors bought just $18.2 billion in Treasury
    coupons, or approximately $1.5 billion a month, a sharp contrast from the 12
    months ending January 2005 when Japanese
    investors purchased $134.5 billion of U.S. government debt, McCarthy noted.”

  12. @Bert: Glad to see the optimist…As I too prefer the positive future, I can’t help but to give pause to the heinous machinations/genocides that has transpired over this and the prior centuries by ‘freedom loving countries/armies’…I too only wish they leave us be…as I am not yet convinced that “they” will fail( I recall a story that before Freud left Austria the Gestapo came to his door and he “willed” them away )…if genocide/fratrocide is “their” goal…I humbly suggest that the eugenics mindset may have a larger function in all this than either you or I consider possible. The media hides most of the actual meetings from the public ( ie.:lack of coverage of the Bilderberg group, CIA, MI6, Massod, SIS, old KGB, etc)…. and other behind closed doors organizations that meet regularly-(ie.:I also recall seeing a group photo including Sir Winston Churchill, a decendant to the original Lord Marleboro, who was in robes at a DRUID meeting at the turn of the 20th Century)…Again I remind you that the gathering at the Bohemian Grove in the Redwoods of Cslifornia is scheduled for this summer. What is the setting fire of CARE have to do with the rest of humanity??? well Bert I’ll leave you there, as always, Richard(theoldwiseman)

  13. It seems to me that if I had 134+ billion in my hands, I’d find a more intelligent way to get them to their intended destination that in the old fake bottom suitcase method. I’d also have more than enough funds on hand to grease the way ahead of time so as to avoid something like a customs official ruining my plan. I find the discrepancy between the ineptness of the players and the size of their holdings (just behind Russia in total holdings of US bonds!) startling and bizarre. Why would you hand the Keystone Cops over a hundred billion to get into a bank for you? And what bank would accept with a straight face, from two private individuals, an amount of bonds that corresponds rather to the holdings of an entire major nation?

  14. Create the problem ( that profits those who created it)

    Then have the solution for the masses (which still benefits those who created the problem)

    Make it look like it benefits everyone.

    Does anyone know anything about this military funding bill for Iran and Afghanastan whereby $5 billion is earmarked for the IMF. Yet, another way America is looted by banksters? Where will/would that money end up?

  15. Catherine, I really think these $134.5B references are deliberately part of a psywar effort to send the public on a wild goose chase, waste our time and mess with our heads. The conflicting information is part of a technique referred to as the Antipode Method, the psychologically messes up our minds, but I’ve never been able to uncover the details of its intended impact.

    It’s Total Information Warfare per General Aquino’s mindwar thesis. So, it’s not about what you put into your head anymore, its about what you keep out.

    @Richard… yeah, “genocide/fratrocide” is just a means to an end. I think Bill Joy’s “Why the Future Doesn’t Need Us Anymore” tells us where they want to go.

  16. Read Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy & Hope (NY: Macmillan,1965) and his The Anglo American Establishment (1980) which provides Cecil Rhodes’ last will and testament. Quigley was Mr. Clinton’s mentor and professor at Georgetown and recommended him for the Rhodes. Also read Cleon Skousen’ reviw of Tragedy & Hope, The Naked Capitalist, which ended the anti-communist crusades. After all why campaign against them, when there is a capitalist behind them. Also read Colonel House’s papers (adviser to Wilson), R. Buckminster Fuller’s writings. Taylor Caldwell’s Captains and the Kings, C.S. Lewis sci-fi trilogy, esp., That Hideous Strength where he names a real conspirator (Rhodes). Was that why he lost his position at Oxford? Also see his, The Great Divorce & Letters to An American Lady. These are but a few of the thousands of works available on this conspiracy which is old, had many layers, etc.

  17. Bert:

    Seems to me that real power comes from digging in and figuring out state and local money and how to use those mechanisms to grab back local shares of the missing money…rather than speculate about the 134.5 billion. So you make a very good point.


  18. @Bert: I now see why Catherine responds repeatedly to your posted comments..clearly you have a wider intellectual understanding of the refinements associated with mind control ( by others ) and the history ( and future history ) of civilization than I do…oh yes “genocide/fratrocide” is a means to an end..But Bert we are the ones targeted for that action!! That maybe the alarm buzzer that you detect coming from other websites going off…they yell out that we are that organic lifeform that is being targeted…”danger, danger will robinson!!!”
    @Catherine: Yes. Rather than querie the $134.5 b in bonds, on the lower less manipulated scale ( state and local economies) cooler heads will prevail and “taking back the missing money” is admirable..lord knows I could use an infusion of cash…I have always been for almost all of the alternatives in energy ( sin nuclear powerplants for obvious reasons ); and in agriculture( I too applied permaculture to gardens that I cultivated in the past ); in educaton ( my family joined a group here that fosterd the home schooling provisions inplace since 1985); and in transportation( I currently own and drive a WVO powered ’83 Benz turbodiesel and ride a bicycle ); yet I’m not certain how one “dig…()s in and figur(…ing…)es out state and local money..” etc..
    Here in Florida after capturing the highest ranking political positions available, the Governor the chief financial officer and the and AG are all running for the Senate seat left vacant when Sen. Martinez steps down…Those in power are running away from the lesser seats of power to step up to the bigger game in town…Their relacements will do the same eventually…so the void in attracting “sane thinking” financial wizards to address the “missing money” might never come to light from existing intitutions…as the “insiders” will placate to national political fraudsters while climbing the ladder to the top..( see the fiasco that the many UK cabinet ministers and PM members have just gone through in light of extra padding along the way ). How do you propose we get in the board rooms and community council meetings when the ones who sit there are mostly playing the game fast and loose( in the Miami-Dade County Board a multi-billion dollar bond issue was passed to build another sports stadium and tunnel under Miami harbor, when local affordable housing is absolutely needed )?? I listened to Thom Hartman’s radio prgram until it went off air when the local affilliate dropped the show here; and as a reasoned person he always argued that to bring about change one had to take over existing political institutions from within…Well Catherine in your experience at HUD and the FHA: How did that work out for you?? It’s always: “come along to get along”…so the ferver that is locked up in men’s ( women’s ) minds needs to be released and harnessed to bring on a new exciting paradigm shift…I suppose that there are many paths that we must chose from to reach that goal… I will continue to listen to you and yours.Richard( theoldwiseman)

  19. Yes, I second Richard’s query, Catherine. Any light that you can shed on how the public can work to “grab back local shares of the missing money” would certainly be appreciated.

    Dear Dr. Willingham, that is certainly a fine list of reference materials…Quigley’s Anglo American Establishment & Skousen’s Naked Capitalist are excellent. May I also add one other very important author and works to your list, and that is Charlotte Iserbyt and her book “the deliberate dumbing down of America” (

    Charlotte served in the Dept of Education as a Senior Policy Advisor under Reagan, and in this book, as well is in numerous articles and interviews, she meticulously assembled the documents and data points to support her conclusion that since the early 1900’s it has been the goal of the elite to merge the Soviet and US systems into a new international system of Lenin-type socialism ( &

  20. @Catherine: Unfortunately for me I find interest in those wild and woolly covert and undisclosed transfers of large amounts of loot( the institutions; and also the offshore tax havens that house all that loot)…To me this is today’s criminal underworld who ( and maybe established even before 1913 ) we have been supporting and validating by being reasonable and rational men and women…all the time negotiating our place in the “plantation/neofeudal society” that seems to steadily come into place by accepting their rules of the road.
    @Bert and Dr. Willingham: The series of books written by those mentioned are excellent; and for us to rise above the mindset since Gauden, Darwin, Huxley(s), Rhodes, Russell, Sanger, Malthus, and anyone who promoted limiting the population or defining the genetics of an elite are the authors of a pleuthera of historical reference to ingest…Yet the living, breathing walking, talking current folks are yachting away, G-5 cruising the skies, and otherwise immune from the daily trials and tribulations we face here on planet earth,,as always, Richard(theoldwiseman)

  21. @Brian: “You mentioned “Marshall Law”. I believe you meant “Martial Law”.”

    What a funny mistake I made. Guess I’ve been spending too many hours in front of the flicker-rate computer screen.

  22. Hi Folks,
    Don’t get to blog here very often due to a full plate but wanted to reinforce
    what Catherine and Bert have been emphasizing: the Hegelian Principle.
    I’m very surprised that more people are not familiar with this tactic that is
    truly as old as mankind but popularized by Hegel.
    Another more current psychological procedure is that of ‘projection’ which again
    is either ignored, denied, or rejected by most but should be considered at all
    times in all research and communication.
    If any of you are not familiar with the writings of Dr Nicholas Hagger, I can
    highly recommend him, his research and philosophy.

  23. Hello,

    These amounts are nearly 1/2 of the captured $134.5Bn (which has been pronounced counterfeit by U.S. treasury) .. (which of course means practically nothing)

    from Wed. 6/17 NYT:
    JPMorgan Chase and nine other big banks said Wednesday that they had repaid the federal assistance money that they received in the fall during the height of the financial crisis.
    JPMorgan said it had returned $25 billion, with interest, to the government — money that the bank’s chief executive, Jamie Dimon, has said it never needed in the first place.
    Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs said in separate announcements that they had each repaid their $10 billion in federal aid, joining a parade of financial institutions making their exit from the government rescue program.
    By late Wednesday afternoon, all 10 banks allowed to exit the government’s Troubled Asset Relief Program had said they had repaid the TARP money. Among them, American Express returned $3.39 billion, Bank of New York Mellon $3 billion, Capital One Financial $3.57 billion, State Street $2 billion and Northern Trust $1.58 billion.
    Earlier in the day, BB&T and U.S. Bancorp said they had repaid $3.1 billion and $6.6 billion, respectively, in government bailout money.

  24. this is an excellent discussion, everyone. from hegel, to quigley, huxley, darwin, and especially rhodes. the latter had made it clear that his goal was to bring the US back under the banner of the british empire and, he said, though it may take 100 years, his eventual goal would be realized when a rhodes scholar was POTUS.

    a philosopher friend of mine had argued recently that Hagel had no prescriptive intent behind his dialectic; rather, he was merely DEscribing how things occur. Moreover, this philosopher stated that Hagel had no intention of helping those in power master this (as noted above) time immemorial tactic.

    I also have questioned w/in permaculture many times (much to the chagrin of those who are leading this movement) if a) the movement were to grow and decentralized communities become strong, if this doesn’t turn us into “terrorists” by those who want monopoly, control, and inefficient resource management so that the masses are kept poor and not valuing our resources. This question is not considered a relevant or even realistic question by many of the teachers to whom I’ve addressed it. Maybe it’s the geopolitical philosopher in me, but I see it as one of THE biggest questions.

    The other question I’ve asked, is whether or not our movement is allowed to continue because our agenda actually fits with some of the elite agenda. An answer to this came to me recently w/Bert and Richard’s take on the political/monarchal gardens and preparation for neo-feudalism.

    I’m curious to hear some discussion of these, if possible.

  25. @Permaculture Prana: glad to assist…serious congressional and WTO attention is being considered( see Catherine’s posts on this subject ) with the ongoing support of Big Agra, Big Pharma and the DEA( yes those folks too!)…that will have a limiting effect on “organic gardening/farming” and small scale animal husbandry as we move forward…It is becoming apparently clear as crystal that the GMO foods and hormone/medicated and/or innoculated animal/foul population are not nutritionally beneficial to mankind( and IMHO science either has shown or will show that that is case), much like the current economic condition where a “no parent at home” policy( latchdoor key children) exists( and in that case proper “nurturing” is in question ) …But they will protect their turf forever..what else are high paid lobbyists for? I was one of the “back to the landers” in the early 70’s…Oh if I still maintained that skill set today!!…The DEA is involved as the Commercial Marijuana Industry is encroaching upon hallowed ground…the folks at DEA and other “life threatening” law enforcement organizations see a “link” between back yard ( organic or otherwise ) gardens associated with the potential growing of marijuana…As you are aware marijuana though legal in 11 or 12 states as a prescibed medication, is still at cross hairs with the federal statutes…but I’m digressing…all that procurement of fertilizer and soil amendments has come under scrutiny and though they didn’t apply the same logic to acetone, and ether procurement for the production of cocaine/coca paste..they are applying this standard to anything associated with GARDENING!!!! As for animal husbandry, well the flatulence is the “substance” in question..oh yes animals fart and deficate!!! and they fart methane, oh my!!! And the defication is a potential health hazard..or so they say. This is a potential revenue source in the numerous counties now struggling to survive…I have heard reports that suggest that even though it may not be outlawed en toto, the tax imposed upon the keepers of animals ( pigs, sheep, cattle, horses, chickens, ducks, rabbits, ets…) may be faced with an out of proportion tax to the property owner to maintain those animals on city/county taxed property as pets or otherwise…So that is my take. what say you?? Richard(theoldwiseman)

  26. I’m going to predict that we’ll see a story that Aliens took the $134B soon. Laugh now, but these IO operatives runnings things have created crazier stories.

    @Perma. First, it doesn’t surprise me that an academic scoffed at your question and saw it as irrelevant, for I’ve found that the more indoctrination one has in “their education system” the less one can actually think critically. The second point I would make is that your questions are framed within the dialectic that they have created, which in a way, assumes that the establishment has already won. I think that there is a way to possess decentralized living conditions, with appropriate resources, and with sufficient technology, and still reduce the elite’s control & influence to negligible.

    But yeah, as long as sufficient numbers of the public are gullible enough to listen to any of their fabrications, and believe them, then they’ll be able to call us terrorist or whatever else they want to do. You know, I was just referring back to Brzezinski’s The Clash of Civilizations, where he basically laid the foundation for this terrorist framework that they wanted. It’s all so very transparent now, but so much of what occurred in the middle east was to establish the anti-state non-wartime terror-actor, giving the state the ability to target any individual anytime, because its wartime 24/7/365 for the elite against the public.

    Anyway, I must continue to go back to Paulo Freire’s concept of critical thinking called Conscienzation, for I think that this is the only way out of our dilemma. Enough people have to understand the elite’s game so that their techniques of control are rendered moot. This is the primary and most important step. Moving out of cities, creating our own food supply systems, controlling our water, protecting ourselves from their cultural manipulations, etc. …I think these will naturally come once enough people understand what is going on and who is engaging war against the public.

  27. @Sam. You are correct, Huntington is the “author” of Clash of Civilizations, which first appeared as an article in Foreign Affairs, Summer 1993. When article first appeared it included a question mark after the title, but that was removed on the book.

    Original article can be found here

    I guess when I see material from Huntington, Kissinger, or Brzezinski, I view it as emanating from the same “mind” serving the same “interests” with exactly the same “goals.”

    For those interested, here’s an important speech by Brzezinski regarding his book “Our Choice” (mp3 audio file)

    “Our Choice: Global Domination or Global Leadership” is the sequel to “Class of Civilizations.” While shrouded in double-speak, this speech underlying purpose is to lay out the elite’s dilemma: Slavery for the profane through a velvet glove or Chains via an iron fist. As the profane become more “politically away,” as Brzezinski puts it, the World can expect more destablization and an increase in Forth Generation Warfare (4GW). The premise is highly illogical, and is a thinly veiled excuse to put down the coming rebellion by the public.

    Just look to Iran to see the impact of these men’s implementation of the Club of Rome’s goals: destabilization, destruction of the state, destruction of government, removing all levels of protections for the individual. This is what we face, and precisely the strategies that are being carried out now in the USA as devised by Brzezinski et. al. Those interested in understanding where these goals are laid out can find them in the First Global Revolution, they are quite open about it when the double speak is pierced.

  28. Bert, here’s a gem from Brzezinski that sums it up nicely:

    “The nation state as a fundamental unit of man’s organized life has ceased to be the principal creative force: International banks and multinational corporations are acting and planning in terms that are far in advance of the political concepts of the nation-state.”

    Brzezinski, Zbigniew, Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era (New York: Viking Press, 1973), p. 246.

    One certainly finds globalist goals laid out at the Club of Rome, but there are a bunch of others, of course. Barry Goldwater went after the Trilateral Commission for the same reasons:

    “The Trilateral Commission is international and is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States. The Trilateral Commission represents a skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power – political, monetary, intellectual and ecclesiastical.”

    Goldwater, Barry, With No Apologies, (Morrow, 1979), p. 280

    “Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose!”

    As you say, “same ‘mind’ serving the same ‘interests’ with exactly the same ‘goals.’
    BTW, Michael Hudson has an excellent article in today’s Counterpunch:
    June 22, 2009
    How the Financial Reform Plan Protects the Status Quo
    Obama’s (Latest) Surrender to Wall Street

  29. Good articles:

    Iranian leadership feud too close to call

    by Eric Margolis
    Also, Peter Dale Scott

    Oil and Islam. Will America Shift Away from Its Past Unilateralist Policies?
    Obama’s Cairo Speech

    by Prof. Peter Dale Scott


    “Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order”
    Review of F. William Engdahl’s book
    by Stephen Lendman

  30. if we’re going to start quote Zbiniev, then can you tell me where to start in the grand chessboard?? 🙂

    also, i haven’t yet read his latest book (2005??). is there anything jaw-dropping about our current crisis? any kind of newsspeak that can help us interpret what’s going on now w/any kind of official stamp on it?

  31. Probably we’re all familiar with it, but just in case, there’s Caroll Quigley’s “Tragedy And Hope.”

    Wikipedia has a review, and you can even download it at Scribd.

  32. good to know it can be downloaded sam.

    bert, i did hear the interview w/ziggy. but was wondering if there were more insidious quotes in the most recent book. like a new 9/11 or something along those lines.

    do you know if any excellent critical reviews of the book from those who know zbigniew well?

  33. Perma,

    Well, I kinda thought “Slavery for the profane through a velvet glove or Chains via an iron fist” (my take on Zbig’s book title) was insidious enough. 🙂

    But I don’t have any specific quotes I can recommend. Problem is, most of their stuff is shrouded in so much double speak that any significance of their words is lost on the general public. Of course, they do this deliberately.

    I think people have to see that the Club of Rome goals are being pursued… I think this is the most important element that will connect all the dots and make sense of world events. For example, in the First Global Revolution they acknowledge the need to demolish the current system and replace it with a new one, saying “Sacrilegious though this may sound, democracy is no longer well suited for the tasks ahead. The complexity and the technical nature of many of today’s problems do not always allow elected representatives to make competent decisions at the right time.”

    If that is not enough, perhaps the following might be of assistance and help explain what we are witnessing is….

    “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”

    – Maurice Strong, founder of the UN Environment Program, Opening speech, Rio Earth Summit. 1992.


    “The Earth has cancer and the cancer is Man.”

    – Club of Rome, Mankind at the Turning Point.

  34. bert, re: ziggy’s book, which one represents the global leadership?? 🙂

    COR is definitely a key in this, no doubt. the strong quote isn’t even the strongest quote, as I actually agree w/him on many levels. the fact is that they need to manufacture the very problems that they use hegelianly (to make up an adverb) to dictate to us. in my mind, de-industrialization could have followed a gentle, decentralized path (and still can). but this top-down, astroturf, tyranny is unnecessary (to understate the matter).

  35. I think the thing that we have to continually remind ourselves of is the fact that these people are truly insane. Just look at them, their faces. They are quite deranged. Really, I am being serious. Zbig, for example, is quite a scary individual.

    This 1995 Charlie Rose interview of Sir James Goldsmith really expresses the outrage and the concern over where the planet was headed. In this interview, Goldsmith had traveled to the USA to try to convince the US Senate to vote against the GATT treaty, which Clinton signed not long after the interview. Goldsmith was clearly disturbed.


    $134.5 billion in fake government securities: Case closed, sans tin foil hat

    Why did the government take so long to comment? Why did government representatives say so little? Why were the perpetrators Japanese? Why did the Italian authorities let them go? Why has the mainstream media said so little about it?

    Using fake government securities to defraud investors is a scam as old as government securities themselves.

    We knew the $134.5 billion in bonds were fake two weeks ago and a week before the U.S. Treasury confirmed this to be the case. How did we know? Simple: the Treasury didn’t print bonds after the early 1980s, and all of the bonds printed before then totaled less than $4 billion in face value.

    Fake securities are only illegal if they are used in the perpetration of a fraud or are counterfeits of actual U.S. securities.

    No one stepped forward as the intended buyer, so there was no fraud.

    The fake bonds were not replicas of real U.S. government bonds–were not even remotely similar–so they were not counterfeits.

    Unable to charge the two men with either fraud or counterfeiting, with nothing but a pile of pretty paper, the Italian authorities had to let them go.

    Why were they Japanese? Every country has its share scammers. Japan, too.

    That’s it. That’s all there is to it. What were we and the MSM supposed to do while uncovering the facts? Spin conspiracy theories?

  37. Charles:

    Control of the food supply is the most valuable monopoly of all. It could replace oil dependency as a control mechanism in the event that alternative energy was made available.

    Getting control is a subtle and invisible process. Layering on lots of rules, pumping and dumping commodities and oil prices so you drive small farmers off the land. Getting legal and regulatory control of the water is helpful. Legislative terminator seed, etc. Creating the ability to patent nature, living process is invaluable.

    So it is not one thing — it is many things.

    The greatest weapon available to those doing it is that most people can not fathom that a group of people would organize and implement through the decades.

    Can’t stop something that you can’t believe exists.


  38. How do we go about developing a sustainable lifestyle against such regulatory weapons? The situation does recall David and Goliath. I’m not sure that the slingshot will be enough against the array of weapons aimed at the citizenry. Apart from divine intervention, what are we to do?

  39. Withdraw time and attention and transactions away from large corporate and government entities. Turn off the TV — better yet, give it away. Cancel subscriptions to as much corporate media as possible. Shift to people who tell us the truth and watch our back. Switch banks, stop shopping at large companies and shop with those we know and trust….and on and on. The more resources flow into the good guys, the more they can organize and collaborate to give us energy. So it will begin…

  40. While this may just be me, I stay away from all organizations, groups and movements, as I find almost everything is co-opted. If I do decide to participate in something, I research it and all of its “leadership” thoroughly to look for connections to establishment goals or establishment players.

  41. beautifully said, as always, catherine. you’ve helped put a few additional keystones in my thought that permaculture and other streams of thought missed. I truly appreciate what you do (even if I’m not able to afford the premium content being a student). sending lots of love and well-wishes to you, the immediate family, and the broader family and community here you’ve helped to create! chai b’ahava!

  42. What do you see happening with the economy over the next 2-3 years? What repercutions will the current monetary actons being taken by the Treasury and the Fed have on middle America? What effects do you forsee if the Obama administration gets its way on major iniatives like cap-and-trade and healthcare? At every turn, various companies are promoting gold and other precious metals as a buffer against inflation, deflation, and all the other ‘tions that the future holds. What are your thoughts on metals as a safety net?

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