The National Security State & the Clash of Civilizations

by Catherine Austin Fitts

“…This three volume series is the nearest thing to an official history of the UFO phenomenon that we are ever likely to see. While this second volume is an authoritative account, this is no dry history – in this gripping account, Dolan captures the cases, the controversies and the characters, giving us the definitive position on one of the last great mysteries of our time.”

– Nick Pope, UK Ministry of Defense, 1985-2006

Whenever I describe the extent of the corruption in the financial system, the same questions always follow. Who is really in control? Why are they behaving this way? Cui Bono? Who benefits?

One of the challenges in providing answers has been the absence of access to the information that we need. There are more unanswered questions than facts. Many of those unanswered questions revolve around the black budget and the private corporate power structure that it has created. If Richard Dolan is right, the UFO phenomenon is at the core of the creation of the National Security State and the Tapeworm Economy.

Over the years, I have read scores of books on the UFO phenomenon. However, it was not until reading Richard Dolan’s latest book, UFOs & the National Security State: The Cover Up Exposed, 1973-1991, that I found a book that both describes the UFO phenomenon in a comprehensive and professional way and documents the profound impact that managing this phenomenon in extreme secrecy has had on our society. This includes the creation of a consortium of military, intelligence and private interests that have formed a “break-away civilization” that continues to prosper and grow, in part because of the advanced technologies that have resulted from decades of black funded research projects.

This book is on my list of the “Top Twenty Books for the 21st Century.”

Richard will be joining me on the Solari Report this week to talk about the clash of three civilizations – human civilization, the black budget “break away civilization,” and the civilization or civilizations represented by some of the UFOs. Our goal will be to go to the heart of what is happening economically and politically and what it means to how we manage our time and assets and contribute to a enlightened transformation of our own civilization.

Here is our outline:

1. Introduction

2. The Real Clash of Civilizations

3. History of the UFO Phenomenon

4. Theories & Unanswered Questions

5. History of the Black Budget

6. The Real Cause of Our Tapeworm & Economic Crisis

7. Popular Opinion

8. What’s Next?

I will cover Money & Markets and questions in Ask Catherine, so make sure to post any questions you have for both me and Richard. The role of the black budget is so important in what is happening financially today and what may happen over the next few years, that we will go an extra fifteen minutes.

For our Let’s Go the Movies segment, I encourage you to watch this Project Camelot video of Richard presenting an overview of the material in his book last September, after the book was published.

YouTube (19 Sept 2009)

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