The Offshore Financial System with Lucy Komisar


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The Solari Report 2015-09-17

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The Solari Report 2015-09-17

September 17 – The Offshore Financial System with Lucy Komisar

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“Nowadays, people will go anywhere to avoid paying tax. A quick visit to Lichtenstein, Monaco, maybe Jersey; empty the vaults of private wealth, and you could write off the world’s debt. In a day, in an hour, in a minute. Three-quarters of the world’s cash is hidden away in places exactly like this.”
~ CIA agent in Turks & Caicos, Part II of The Worricker Trilogy

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This week on the Solari Report I am joined by investigative journalist Lucy Komisar, publisher of The Komisar Scoop.

I asked Lucy the following question, which really gets to the heart of the matter:

“If you step back and look at both the offshore system and the dark pools – which would be ways of exchanging and settling securities which are now non-transparent – and then you look at derivatives, is it fair to say that we’re watching larger and larger percentages of the financial system go dark?”

Lucy Komisar responds:

“That’s right and when things are done secretly, you don’t know who the trader is. A lot of it is dirty money and supposedly one of the reasons why Robert Rubin didn’t want to go after the offshore system was that there was a feeling that drug money was fueling the American economy. One didn’t want to make it more difficult for drug traffickers to move their money into the American economy. Without having definitive proof, this is certainly something I have heard: that dirty money fuels the Western economies.”

The offshore system integrates many of the issues we discuss on the Solari Report – because breakaway civilizations and secret space programs, as well as all manner of covert operations, depend on secret financial systems. Whether you use offshore financial systems or not, they are a key part of the centralization of governance. I want to make sure that you understand them.

In Let’s Go to the Movies I will discuss The International, a thriller depicting important aspects of our discussion.

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