The Red Cliff of Friesland

“Leaver dea as slaef” (rather dead than slave) – Text on monument commemorating Friesland’s victory at the Battle of Warns, 1345

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Today was my last day in Friesland. I took a long bicycle ride past one of my favorite sights – a herd of Friesian horses grazing in the large fields that lined the road next to the IJsselmeer inland bay.

I found myself on the Red Cliff reading the plaque that described the Friesian victory at the Battle of Warns in 1345 – preserving their political independence for another 150 years – and the importance of freedom to the people of Friesland

As I travel, I find myself attracted to places with a tradition of freedom.

Tomorrow I fly to Iceland, a country that believes that bankers should be subject to the law – a condition required to maintain freedom!

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    Do you remember a movie called “King Richard and the Crusades”? Had George Sanders, Lawrence Harvey & Rex Harrison.

    Here is a taste.

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