The State of Europe with John Laughland

“It is certainly desirable that all societies have systems by which to guard their core values, and that justice and peace be preserved…But the values needed to ensure these things lie beyond the realm of the law, in ethics and culture and religion.” ~ John Laughland

By Catherine Austin Fitts

John Laughland is Director of Studies at the Institut de la Démocratie et de la Coopération  (The Institute of Democracy and Cooperation) in Paris. John is a British historian, author, philosopher, and journalist widely respected for his expertise in international law, his analysis of European and global politics and his efforts to promote the rule of law.

This week on The Solari Report, John joins me to discuss the state of Europe and the future of the US-European relationships.  Given continued struggles to manage debt loads and popular backlash against austerity programs, tensions in NATO, fighting in Ukraine, sanctions against Russia and the ramifications for the European economy, an influx of immigration from the Muslim countries, triggered in no small part by US wars in the Middle East,  continental Europe is managing challenging times.

I know of no one better to address these issues. I first heard John speak after the publication in 1997 of his book The Tainted Source: Undemocratic Origins of the European Idea. His brilliant insights regarding the flaws of the European Union have more than stood the test of time. For background, access our previous report with John here.

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  1. Catherine, Love your programs. I was wondering if you were being discreet with your confusion on the lawlessness of the NeoCons. If you track the lords of the universe back to Amchel Meyer (Rothschild), he was an extremely devout Talmudic Jew. JINO, he descended from the Khazars of modern day Georgia. From what I’ve gathered most crisis lead back to this group, as their belief system instructs them to fulfill their duty of dominating the earth and subjugating the lowly Goyim by means of deception. The NeoCons are merely the most recent front group of this perennial cabal who enjoy the support of their useful idiots like Dick Cheney. A great book on the cohesiveness of this group is The Culture of Critique by MacDonald.
    Cheers! Paul

    • Paul:

      Part of it was my experience. All the Neocons I have personally worked with and knew were bible thumping “Christians.” I say “Christians” because I rarely saw them live or act according to Christian principles.

      My personal experience is that psychopathy is a bi-partisan, multi-tribal issue. Sometimes I think the one thing most people can agree on is that all the psychopaths belong to a group that is OTHER.

      As for powerlines, my other experience is that the Vatican and the remainer of the Holy Roman empire is the most powerful line, the second most powerful line is the Masons and then the third most powerful is the Jews. The Jews are particuarly powerful on a per capita basis because many times they take responsibility to do the tougher and more visible jobs, including in the financial system and on the covert side. This is a gross generalization as all powerlines are big tents with lots going on in both the covert side of the tent and the over side of the tent.

      The greatest powerline now is whomever controls the UFOS and invisible weaponry – still trying to understand and figure it out.


      • I believe the Jehovah/Orion consortium control the Earth. They are the authors of the worlds three great religions, i.e. Catholicism, Islam and Judaism, as well as the most recent incarnation, Mormonism. In each, the Divine in man is denied, and a “God” outside of you is to be worshipped and served. This will always keep man powerless to manifest as the sovereign being that he is. You can part seas with a spacecraft, you can create a burning bush holographically, you can also manifest two glowing figures in the woods hovering three feet above the earth,(see J. Smith visions in Mormon Church). ET’s can also plant in a timeline any artifact needed to be “discovered” to validate any religious dogma. The Jehovah consortium is a lower dimensional tyranny, requiring the continual feeding of energy produced by violence, thus the need for sacrifice and continual warfare. They are satanic in the upper echelons of the powerless on Earth, thus the ritual sacrifice at the top tier of their group.

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