The Truth About Cancer

Cancer Cells

By Catherine Austin Fitts

The Truth About Cancer is a 9-part documentary film by Ty Bollinger. It is a breakthrough effort to ensure that global audiences have the information necessary to avoid cancer or to eliminate it if it should come our way.

Bollinger has interviewed many of the top doctors, scientists and natural healers around the world. The weight of these interviews is paradigm-shifting.

If you want to thrive in an increasingly polluted environment, you’ll need to understand how to stay healthy and how to avoid and eliminate the causes of illness.  This documentary provides you with access to the “best and the brightest” on maintaining vibrant health.

Bollinger has been making this series available on a selective basis for free. However, you can also buy it with additional interviews and complete transcripts. This is a documentary to get, to archive in your library and to encourage you family and loved ones to watch.

You can buy it here.