Theranos & the Road to Mandalay

epa02016433 Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, right, and former U.S. Secretary of State George Shultz, left, talk to each other prior to a panel discussion at the American Academy in Berlin on 'Toward a World Free of Nuclear Weapons' in Berlin, Germany on 03 February 2010. EPA/GERO BRELOER / POOL POOL PHOTO

“Something is happening here but you don’t know what it is – do you, Mr. Jones?” ~ Bob Dylan

By Catherine Austin Fitts

There is a steady “drip, drip, drip” of bad news swarming all over blood-testing start-up Theranos and its business venture with Walgreens. The juggernaut of the media swarm is lead by the Wall Street Journal with what appear to be steady leaks from the US government, including the Department of Justice. Meantime, the once declared multi-billion Theranos equity valuation is likely shrinking as the hot air escapes from the balloon.

For those interested, you can start with the WSJ stories as well as the links below. One of the interesting aspects to the story is that the board has a striking similarity to the Mandalay Camp, one of the most prestigious encampments at the annual Bohemian Grove outside of San Francisco.  The Theranos board includes no less than George Schulz, Henry Kissinger and Riley Bechtel, all members of Mandalay.

Indeed, some of these folks also appear to be major contributors to the Jeb Bush campaign.  Which begs the question, what is happening to Team Bush these days? Losing billions as their company is outspun by Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper with leaks from the Obama Administration and spending over a $100 million on Jeb’s campaign while coming up with less than 5% of the vote?

There is a story here. As Theranos struggles in the regulatory snare, has Team Bush gone from predator to prey?

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