This Week on the Solari Report – 3rd Quarter 2011: Wrap Up

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The Solari Report 2011-10-06


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S & P Stock Market Returns During Election Years

Overview of American Jobs Act
The Evaporation of Civilization by Hugo Salinas –

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Audio Chapters

1. Introduction – 0:00 – What IS going on?

2. Movie – 0:30 — Longitude (TV Series) Longitude is a TV drama adaptation of the 1997 book of the same title about  clockmaker John Harrison (1693–1776) and horologist Rupert Gould (1890–1948). Longitude presents the story of Harrison’s efforts to develop the marine chronometer and thereby win the Longitude Prize in the 18th century. This is interweaved with the story of Gould, a retired naval officer, who is restoring Harrison’s four chronometers and popularize his achievements in the early twentieth century. This is the story of privilege vs innovation and the extraordinary price that privilege extracts from the economy. It is the story of what is happening right now…

3. Solari Hero – 4:25 — Steve Jobs, co-founder and head until very recently of Apple. Unique in that he really lived inside the head of his customer and gave them what they wanted; they do not want technical equipment, they want to connect…and then want it to be beautiful. …

4.Theme – 6:15 — Welcome to the Royal  Buzkashi. Reference Horseman with Omar Shariff and Rocky III…volatility used to trick investors back into financing others control.

5. Catherine’s 3rd Quarter 2011 Wrap-up – 7:25 — From Chuck Gibson’s newsletter:

Painful ups and downs have become a way of life for investors this year but nothing so obvious as what we experienced this past quarter. There were an unprecedented nine swings of 5% (or more) from intraday highs to lows over the last eight weeks, yet the S&P 500 (SPX) index has gone virtually nowhere. The SPX closed at 1119.46 on 8/8/11 and is resting within a few points of that same mark as I write this summary. Most of the quarterly decline occurred in the 10 trading sessions between 7/27/11 and 8/9/11, which lopped some 17% off of the SPX. Since then, it has been trapped in a trading range between ~1100 and ~1230. The mid-point of that range is 1165 and has crossed above and below that mid-point 35 times over the past two months. I promised you greater volatility and far be it from me to renege on a promise.

Part of the issue – Financial Sector is larger than needed and so engages in speculation and churning to pay its way. Hedge Funds, program trading, makes for Wild West behavior. Retail investors leaving equities. OVERHANG OF DEBT – equity investors understand that means the politics of debt can have a dramatic and highly leveraged impact on equity valuations. Like living with a boogeyman who can pop out of the closet and rock your world a lot anytime he pleases. This makes for a highly skittish market. Slow Down vs European debt crisis? Slow Down and Fraudulent Inducement of most of the planet is part and parcel of the same problem. We are going from a debt management process of Kick the Can to Hot Potato. Russia: Putin returns to Presidency. Precious metals volatility. Eric Sprott comments. Warren Buffet story. How to win at the Buzkashi. …

6. Up Next – 1:03:40 – Precious Metals Market Report with Franklin Sanders; Jamie Johnson on Engaging America in a Real Conversation; Playwright, Patrick Shanley …

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This Thursday night on The Solari Report is our 3rd Quarter Wrap Up. These quarterly wrap ups are a time when I like to take the long view – particularly as to investment trends and what it means to your personal and asset strategies. We will talk about the slow burn – will it continue or is a significant melt down of the kind we saw in 2008 likely?

Also – why in the face of all the bad news do I continue to be optimistic about the long term trends? If you have not listened to my interview with Adam Trombly on Zero Point Energy, I encourage you to do so.

Money and Markets will be integrated into my review of the most important trends impacting both immediate and long term assets values. In Let’s Go to the Movies, a review of the movie Longitude and what it says about the role of technology and innovation in the economy ahead.

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Note: The movie Longitude is available on Youtube

If you have comments, thoughts or questions that you would like me to address, please post by Thursday.

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