This Week on the Solari Report – 3rd Quarter 2011: Wrap Up

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This Thursday night on The Solari Report is our 3rd Quarter Wrap Up. These quarterly wrap ups are a time when I like to take the long view – particularly as to investment trends and what it means to your personal and asset strategies. We will talk about the slow burn – will it continue or is a significant melt down of the kind we saw in 2008 likely?

Also – why in the face of all the bad news do I continue to be optimistic about the long term trends? If you have not listened to my interview with Adam Trombly on Zero Point Energy, I encourage you to do so.

Money and Markets will be integrated into my review of the most important trends impacting both immediate and long term assets values. In Let’s Go to the Movies, a review of the movie Longitude and what it says about the role of technology and innovation in the economy ahead.


Note: The movie Longitude is available on Youtube

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  1. Hugo Salinas Price sees free energy as the death of civilization. I find that so counter intuitive. We, as a country, spend extreme amounts of money, thought, energy, time, military might, environmental degradation, etc. in the search and production of energy. Man will always require energy to survive if only to cook one’s meals and warm one’s body. Perhaps we as a society could be more civil, refined and philosophic in a world where we don’t have to work desperately just to supply our basic needs. Past cultures had time to build incredible buildings that last for eons. They produced marvelous works of art. I’m one who prefers quality over quantity. Less IS more. With our major need of energy supplied we will be freed to explore incredible worldly arts and philosophy. Price is just wrong in my humble opinion. Price says there would have to be fewer people– I doubt he would give up his life or his offspring’s lives to insure the world he envisions. There is a better way.

  2. By the way, the film, “Longitude “, is incredible. I really understand in a way I never did previously what is going on in the world where certain factions wish to maintain political and economic control. Thank you.

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