Thrive: What on the Earth Will It Take?

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Thrive is a documentary invitation to a website and a conversation about what it will take for us to thrive. It is:

  • A formidable intellectual achievement. It builds the most coherent and powerful presentation yet on what is happening globally and what we can do about it. The film is beautifully shot and scored – a highly professional creation representing the contributions of many talented artists, musicians and technologists.

  • An extraordinary act of personal courage and generosity. The creators of Thrive have made a globally significant contribution at great personal expense and risk. Their leadership in doing so is inspiring. Once you watch Thrive you will never again say “Why is no one doing anything?” Indeed, through the film you are introduced to many people who are doing plenty.

Here is the initial feedback from our network:

“Wow. . Thrive is stunning. It’s so well done in every aspect, and really has the potential be a game changer.”

“It was incredible!”

“I just finished watching it – WOW!!! I’m still processing it, though much information I already knew about, but it’s coherence was breathtaking. Truly.”

“I just wanted to mention what a fabulous contribution the Gambles and everyone associated with Thrive is making. Not only is the movie eye opening, but the clearly delineated steps for change are a road map that can get us to that better place.”

“We just finished watching the Thrive movie. Fantastic! ….I already had known everything in the movie for years now, but to have it all together and served to one again, well, my stomach still feels like it wants to bolt. It is a message we all have to get and then move through. We’re going to make it. A million to one. I just keep singing that song…”

“I went to the 3pm viewing today… Don’t even know where to begin! WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!!”

Foster Gamble wrote and narrates Thrive.  Kimberly Carter Gamble, his wife, is its director and producer.  The Gambles have gathered a remarkable team to research, film and edit this highly professional two-hour documentary and build the rich Thrive website, which is full of supporting documentation and inspiring ideas for taking action.

Thrive first covers the question of why we as a society are not thriving.  Foster Gamble walks us through the power and possibilities of energy and other suppressed technologies and the costs to us of maintaining a banking and corporate system that increasingly consolidates political and economic power. The film pulls no punches. It is not constrained by the boundaries of what is “socially acceptable” to discuss.

Then, the focus shifts to solutions that we can take individually and collectively. The website is chock full of information on potential solutions and success stories that help us move to personal action. It is organized in various areas of interest so we can dive in to get involved in the area that is our personal passion.

The distribution of the documentary is through Internet streaming ­ just like The Secret, which reportedly is the documentary that has garnered the greatest following to date. Streaming for Thrive is available in ten languages ­ enabling us to have a truly global conversation.

I must confess my bias in support of this documentary.  As far back as 2006, I shared my thoughts on film with Kimberly and Foster.  Selections of that are included in the film. Since then, I have stayed in touch with the Gambles and gotten to know them and many people that have been instrumental in making this film happen. These are people whom I admire, respect and love. I am vested in doing whatever I can to contribute to the success of Thrive and the conversation  that will surely follow.

The hardest thing in the world is to take responsibility for the onerous task of  creating an entirely new vision, including starting a difficult conversation — listing the problem and potential solutions on a blank sheet of paper, as it were. Foster and Kimberly have succeeded in doing just that.

Yet, no team of people can see all, know all. There is more truth to be sought, more insight to dig out and ideas to be imagined. Let us be inspired, get engaged and follow their lead: for many of us need to do the same. The richer our insights, the greater our individual willingness to take responsibility, the more effective will be our vision as to possible solutions and the more powerful the actions we personally take in our own lives.

Join the conversation at:

Instant streaming rental $5.
You can buy the DVD for $20.
We love the idea of hosting a Thrive party.

Talk about a great way to start a conversation with your neighbors.

Please don’t miss this one. Truly, you deserve to thrive!