Top Picks ~ Week of October 1, 2007

Treasury Department Simulating Bank Runs
By Martin Crustinger – Associated Press (4 Oct 2007)

The Martyrdom of Burma’s Marching Monks
By Rev. John Dear – (4 Oct 2007)

El-Erian Will Leave Harvard Fund, Return to Pimco
By Matthew Keenan & Brian Sullivan – (11 Sep 2007)

Central Banking’s Main Purpose Now is Market Suppression
By Chris Powell – GATA (3 Oct 2007)

Organic, and Tastier: The Rat’s Nose Knows
By Haroldl McGee – New York Times (3 Oct 2007)

Example: The Complexity of Us
About Me – Wikipedia

Secessionists Meeting in Tennessee
By Bill Poovey – Associated Press (3 Oct 2007)

N.Y. Human Waste Raises Stink in Alabama
Yahoo News (3 Oct 2007)

Aung San Suu Kyi’s Missing Peace Warriors
By Terry Evans – Scoop Independent News (3 Oct 2007)

Dollar Takes Blows from Vietnam and Qatar
By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard – London Telegraph (4 Oct 2007)

Stunning Fund-Raising Success for Paul’s Presidential CampaignBy Jim Kuhnhenn – Associated Press (3 Oct 2007)

Paul Shows You Can Be Conservative And Anti-War Too
By Jake Tapper Z. Byron Wolf – ABC News ( 3 Oct 2007)

Is Gold Melting Up?
By Peter Brimelow – (1 Oct 2007)

The Draconian Becomes the Norm
By Tom Englehardt – The Nation (1 Oct 2007)

Who Runs the World and Why You Need to Know Immediately
By Carolyn Baker – Speaking Truth to Power (1 Oct 2007)

Media Blackout: 161 Federal Tax Charges, 0 Convictions
We the People Foundation (30 Sep 2007)

Two Bank Giants Braced for $10bn Hit From World Turmoil
By Christine Seib & Tom Bawden – Times Online (2 Oct 2007)

Diners Across the US Head to the Farm
By Cara Rubinsky – (28 Sep 2007)

Tom Cruise Building L5M Bunker to Protect Against Alien Attack (28 Sep 2007)

EFF Sues to Uncover Alleged Telco Lobbying
By Stephen Lawson – IDG News Service (28 Sep 2007)

The Power of Strategic Mission Investing
By Mark Kramer & Sarah Cooch – Stanford Social Innovation (Fall 2007)
UBS to Report Large Loss From Fixed-Income Unit
San Francisco MarketWatch (30 Sep 2007)

Senate Scrutiny for Endowments
By Andy Guess – Inside Higher Ed (27 Sep 2007)

London Times Reports Bank of England’s Defective Gold
By Patrick Hosking – London Tmes (29 Sep 2007)

US Housing Market in Freefall Dive
By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard – London Telegraph (28 Sep 2007)

In Big Banks’ Hands, Trusts Often Give Fewer Grants
By Stephanie Strom – New York Times (29 Sep 2007)

Dollar Gets Respite as Saudi Arabia Keeps Dollar Peg, For Now
By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard – London Telegraph (26 Sep 2007)

California Governor Opposes Investments in Iran
By Samantha Young – Associated Press (25 Sep 2007)

No Habeas Corpus for “Any Person”
#1 of Top 25 Censored Stories of 2008 –

We are Compassionate, Why are They Killing Us?
By Paul Levy – (Oct 2007)

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