Top Picks ~ Week of October 8, 2007

Carney, Former Goldman Banker, To Head Bank of Canada
By Greg Quinn & Theophilos Argitis – (4 Oct 2007)

Francis Ford Coppola’s Laptop Stolen
By New York Daily News Staff (28 Sep 2007)

Bank of England Leaves Interest Rates On Hold
By Edmund Conway – London Telegraph (5 Oct 2007)

Jon Stewart & Alan Greenspan: Best Interview Ever
Alan Greenspsan on The Daily Show (19 Sep 2007)

Prosecutors Begin a Probe of Bear Funds [Full Article by Subscription Only]
By Paul Davies, Kate Kelly & David Enrich – Wall Street Journal (4 Oct 2007)

Vaccine Damage: Parents Receive $2bn Compensation Pay-Outs
At What Doctor’s Don’t Tell You (4 Oct 2007)

Treasury Claims Power to Seize Gold and Silver — and Everything Else
By Chris Powell – GATA (6 Oct 2007)

Did Paulson Tip Wall Street After Meeting Bernanke?
By John Crudele – New York Post (11 Oct 2007)

Tony Gambino Implicates Bush in Prior Knowledge And Complicity in 9/11
By Greg Szymanski – Independent American Parthy of Nevada (26 Sep 2007)

Central Bank Gold Sales Fell 25 Tonnes Short; Bundesbank Opts Out
From Reuters (10 Oct 2007)

May I Have This Dance?
Bird Lovers Only Rescue website

Norway Withdraws Funds From Unethical Corporations
By Kristin Halvorsen – YES! Magazine (Fall 2007)
Kristin Halvorsen at Wikipedia

Investors Ask Supreme Court to Sanction Claims
By Michael Doyle – McClatchy Newspapers (8 Oct 2007)

Code of Conduct for Ocean Fertilization Proposed by Climos
Press Release

Indians Count on an Old Friend’s Appeal
By Kim Severson – New York Times (10 Oct 2007)

Subprime Mortgage Slipping Into Default at Rapid Pace
By Shannon D. Harrington & Mark Pittman – International Herald Tribune (8 Oct 2007)

Who’s Ben Chatting With About the Economy?
By John Crudele – New York Post (9 Oct 2007)

European Central Bank Plans Indefinite Liquidity Boosts
By Ralph Atkins & David Oakley – Financial Times, London (8 Oct 2007)

Lion Reunites with Humans
A video at

Campaign for Human Rights & Democracy in Burma
The Website

Global Survey Shows Green Construction Costs Less Than Thought
From Plunges in Google Ranking
By Tom Matrullo -Improprieties Blog (30 Sep 2007)

Age of Miracles: Finding Meaning in Life on the Margins
By Don Miller – Santa Cruz Sentinel (8 Oct 2007)

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