Trading the Gold-Silver Ratio

This is the second week of the month. That means I am headed over to Westpoint, Tennessee on Thursday, April 9th, to join Franklin Sanders and his family for dinner at the Sanders homestead down the road from their Top of the World Farm. A lively dinner discussion will be followed by our monthly precious metals update by bridge call for this week’s Solari Report.

Over the last two months, Franklin and I covered the most frequently asked questions that both Solari and  Franklin and his team at The Moneychanger get about buying gold and silver coins. You can find these mp3 in The Solari Report archives.

This month, in addition to covering current market events and your latest questions, we will be talking about how Franklin and his colleagues track and trade the Gold-Silver Ratio as well as the performance of the equity markets when priced in gold and silver. As background for our discussion, Franklin has generously provided us with historical charts.

We will also review the new thriller, The International, and what it can teach you about the latest G-20 meeting, the ongoing bailouts and the global financial coup d’etat underway, including the debt bondage promoted in small towns in Tennessee.


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  1. Catherine,
    Can you point me in a direction for some
    I’m looking to start finding out government
    contracts or how the money is working in my


  2. They say that the U.S. dollar (or is that peso? lira?) is the worlds reserve currency. Breathtaking how the price of gold never responds to a trillion printed here, there, everywhere. Thanks Catherine to you, the folks at GATA and a few other people who do yeomans work to try to get the message of gold manipulation into the MSM.

    Here is a list of the various FED lending facilities, bailouts, treasury programs. How many black projects being financed, pockets being lined etc…

    The numbers are in billions. The first number is the limit and the second number is the amount used so far.

    Federal Reserve Total $7,765.64 $1,678.71
    Primary Credit Discount $110.74 $61.31
    Secondary Credit $0.19 $1.00
    Primary dealer and others $147.00 $20.18
    ABCP Liquidity $152.11 $6.85
    AIG Credit $60.00 $43.19
    Net Portfolio CP Funding $1,800.00 $241.31
    Maiden Lane (Bear Stearns) $29.50 $28.82
    Maiden Lane II (AIG) $22.50 $18.54
    Maiden Lane III (AIG) $30.00 $24.04
    Term Securities Lending $250.00 $88.55
    Term Auction Facility $900.00 $468.59
    Securities lending overnight $10.00 $4.41
    Term Asset-Backed Loan Facility $900.00 $4.71
    Currency Swaps/Other Assets $606.00 $377.87
    MMIFF $540.00 $0.00
    GSE Debt Purchases $600.00 $50.39
    GSE Mortgage-Backed Securities $1,000.00 $236.16
    Citigroup Bailout Fed Portion $220.40 $0.00
    Bank of America Bailout $87.20 $0.00
    Commitment to Buy Treasuries $300.00 $7.50
    FDIC Total $2,038.50 $357.50
    Public-Private Investment* $500.00 0.00
    FDIC Liquidity Guarantees $1,400.00 $316.50
    GE $126.00 $41.00
    Citigroup Bailout FDIC $10.00 $0.00
    Bank of America Bailout FDIC $2.50 $0.00
    Treasury Total $2,694.00 $1,833.50
    TARP $700.00 $599.50
    Tax Break for Banks $29.00 $29.00
    Stimulus Package (Bush) $168.00 $168.00
    Stimulus II (Obama) $787.00 $787.00
    Treasury Exchange Stabilization $50.00 $50.00
    Student Loan Purchases $60.00 $0.00
    Support for Fannie/Freddie $400.00 $200.00
    Line of Credit for FDIC* $500.00 $0.00
    HUD Total $300.00 $300.00
    Hope for Homeowners FHA $300.00 $300.00
    he FDIC’s commitment to guarantee lending under the
    Legacy Loan Program and the Legacy Asset Program includes a $500
    billion line of credit from the U.S. Treasury.

    Courtesy of Bloomberg.

    The good thing is that all this is creating millions of jobs helping out the peasants. Tell a lie often enough and I suppose at least those in power will believe it.

    regards doug

  3. I came across this video while reading some of Lucy Komisar’s work on the reinsurance industry. Reinsurance is just a helpful thing so that companies can inflate their earnings or cook their books. When the insurers thought they would get caught, they switched to CDS which they have so far managed to keep unregulated.. but the masses are getting really tired.. and so are some of our lawmakers.

    Here Komisar gets into money laundering, offshore tax havens and corporate tax evaders. The common thread for allowing tax evasion is “tax competition” as being a way to reign in governments. Her video puts this all in perspective.

    I apologize if this is old. It was new to me and I imagine it will be new to others. Well worth the watch.

  4. Catherine, Will you be covering how the IMF selloff is affecting/will affect the value of gold long term on your call Thursday? Hope so! Many thanks, Layne

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