Transcript of “Jon Rappoport and Catherine discuss Hamilton Securities” is Now Available!

Transcript of Jon Rappoport and Catherine discuss Hamilton Securities is now available to Subscribers!

From the transcript:

Catherine Austin Fitts: Good evening. This is Catherine Austin Fitts. I am poaching in on Jon
Rappoport’s week. He and I decided that we would talk about the story of Hamilton Securities
Group. In one sense, it’s very ancient history. On the other hand, it has a lot of juice in it about
where the pathway is to march forward.

But why don’t I just start by welcoming Jon. And why don’t you tell us, Jon, why you were
interested in talking about the story of Hamilton Securities Group.

Jon Rappoport: Sure. Great to be here, first of all, as always. I think I’m so struck by this story for
several different reasons. The first one is that you were able to create something completely new by
researching your own experience working inside the government; and also focusing on communities,
and what would rejuvenate communities. And what Hamilton emerged with really was not just
innovative, but I mean a new model, a new way of looking at the whole situation. So that was the
first thing. The first time that we ever talked about this, it struck me as really quite incredible.

And then the second, I guess, would be how that compared with your experience in similar types,
you might say, I guess, of analysis within the government, and where they go with their analysis as
opposed to where you went with yours. I mean it’s so striking and so illustrative of exactly what
we’re facing in this country.