Transcript of the Oct 13, 2011 Precious Metals Market Report Available to Subscribers

A transcript of Catherine’s 3rd Quarter 2011 Wrap-up, the October 6, 2011 Solari Report, is now available to Solari Report Subscribers!

From the transcript:

Catherine: So I want to know what in the world happened in September.

Franklin: Somebody pulled the plug, didn’t they?

Catherine: Yeah, they sure did.

Franklin: Well, you know the silver and gold prices just collapsed in a few days beginning on the twenty-third. And it looked a lot like what happened in 2008 in that there was a, if you can think of a mountain peak and the top of that mountain peak is nineteen hundred twenty dollars and the bottom of the peak top is about seventeen hundred, seventeen hundred and twenty-five dollars. Once it came down off of that peak it just, you know it sort of pulled the plug. And the low – the overnight low, we never saw this in the United States, but the overnight low about fifteen hundred and thirty-five dollars.