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How To Tell The Truth and Stay Alive ~ Catherine’s 12 Points (pdf)


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The Solari Report – 03 Dec 2009

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On this week’s Solari Report, I will be talking about something very much on my heart – a subscriber question about whether it is possible to tell the truth without getting killed.

Specifically, I will address the principles and practices that can help you combine your thirst for a realistic understanding of events with practical discretion.

  • How do we enjoy the company of friends and family who may not want to know what’s happening?
  • How do we interact with colleagues who embrace the “official reality?”
  • How do we navigate “the matrix” of corporate, government and class interests without creating unwelcome risks?
  • How do we avoid getting caught in the “divide and conquer” manipulations and other disinformation?
  • How do we use a more powerful understanding of events to help us accomplish our purpose and goals?
  • How do we face the risks before us in a way that is energizing to those we love and enhances our capacity to love?
  • How do we shift the course of events in positive ways without inviting more risk than we can handle?

I have been answering this question one principle at a time on recent Solari Reports. In fact, you can hear the initial discussion Truth or Consequences in our latest Solari Report Digest #6 .

I was planning on interviewing Terri Cullen on identity fraud this week. Terri had to reschedule, so she will join us in February for that very important discussion. The blessing is that I can focus this week on your questions, which I am most eager to do.

I will be covering Money and Markets. As you can see from the Blog, there is a lot happening this week.

Our movie this week is Win Wender’s The End of Violence which explores the use of communications technology for surveillance and assassination. These are techniques used to keep the dollar from falling too fast, markets managed and the slow burn going.

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