What’s Really Happening in Baltimore?

The Hidden Hand

By Catherine Austin Fitts

I would encourage you to read Michael Snyder’s article posted at zerohedge.com regarding what’s currently taking place in Baltimore:

12 Unanswered Questions About The Baltimore Riots That They Don’t Want Us To Ask

Here are the (12) questions referred to in the zerohedge article, but there is more detail here:

  1. Why are dozens of social media accounts that were linked to violence in Ferguson now trying to stir up violence in Baltimore?
  2. Who was behind the aggressive social media campaign to organize a “purge” that would start at the Mondawmin Mall at precisely 3 PM on Monday afternoon?
  3. Even though authorities had “credible intelligence” that gangs would be specifically targeting police officers on Monday, why weren’t they more prepared?
  4. Where were the Baltimore police on Monday afternoon when the riots exploded?
  5. Why are police officers in Baltimore claiming that they were instructed to “stand down” during the rioting on Monday afternoon?
  6. Why was the decision made ahead of time to set a curfew on Tuesday night but not on Monday night?
  7. Why were so many police vehicles conveniently parked along the street in areas where the worst violence happened?
  8. Why is an organization funded by George Soros stirring up emotions against the police in Baltimore?
  9. Why is CNN bringing on “commentators” that are promoting violence in Baltimore?
  10. Why did Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake initially tell reporters that a decision was made on Saturday to give “those who wished to destroy space to do that”?
  11. Why were rioters given hours to cause mayhem before a state of emergency was finally declared on Monday?
  12. Does the fact that the mayor of Baltimore has very close ties to the Obama administration have anything to do with how events unfolded during the riots?

While you’re at it, you might want to read these articles:

Hillary Clinton calls for overhaul of criminal justice system in wake of Baltimore riots

We are watching the old playbook. Problem – reaction – solution. The solution, of course, takes us to more centralized power — more centralized control. Cameras. Drones. Contracts for defense contractors. More “say” for the federal agencies.

If you look into the real problems in our communities, what you’ll discover is that authentic solutions cannot be implemented because the community is being financially harvested by centralized powers. Indeed, their expenses have exploded over the last two decades.

A soccer mom cannot back the drug dealers out of her community because the dealers are financing Tony Soprano who is financing James Bond. If you threaten that cash flow, down come the “op’s”…which these days include lots of female candidates and politicians talking “from the heart:”

Note that in the video above, the audience is filled with lots of empty chairs.

The playbook is getting old.

The economy is in real trouble. People are hurting. The next round of harvesting will cut very deep. Hence, the calls for body-worn cameras on police officers and increased federal control of law enforcement.