Precious Metals Rising

This is the second week of the month. That means I am headed over to Westpoint, Tennessee on Thursday, May 14th, to join Franklin Sanders, his wife Susan, and their family for dinner at the Sanders homestead down the road from their Top of the World Farm.

Susan is a great cook and their meat is home raised and absolutely delicious. Wanting to do my bit, I try to hold my own by bringing great wine or some unique contribution to the table. Over the month, I travel into the suburbs of Memphis looking for special treats. This week, along with a bottle of Pinot Noir, I have two new favorites – Vidalia Onion Fig Sauce and Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Sorbet.

Needless to say, these are great dinners! A lively dinner discussion will be followed by our monthly precious metals update by bridge call for this week’s Solari Report.

I will start by covering recent news in Money & Markets and your latest questions in Ask Catherine. Then Franklin and I will address developments in the precious metals market and will review Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) – is the gold and silver really in inventory?  Following up on last week’s Derivatives 101: Engineering the Slow Burn, we will discuss derivatives that relate to precious metals. Finally, we will chew on your oft-asked question, “Where can I put my cash?”

In our Let’s Go To the Movies I will be drawing from a scene in Point of No Return to help explain the growing importance of skills at pretending that things are fine even when you know they are not and why it is important to be able to read others skills and have yours available in a pinch.

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