Will The Real Mr. Global Please Stand Up?

We had a request from a network member to comment on the following article which debunks the prevailing views that we are short of gas or oil.

There is No Gas Shortage
By Ed Wallace – BusinessWeek.com (1 Apr 2008)

As you can all probably tell by now, I tend to stay away from the debate about how much oil and gas we have left and what that means. One reason is because if oil and gas is not your business, you can go down a rabbit hole trying to get to the bottom of things. Another reason is because I believe that the most important energy conversation we should be having is how to finance the switch of our homes and communities to alternative energy sources. After that I would like to talk about who has been suppressing energy technology for centuries and why and how do we reverse the suppression.

I think such a conversation is very important to have, not just because of energy but because answer the technology suppression question and then you answer the question of how to prevent genetically modified seed and Monsanto from destroying and controlling the food supply, Barrick and the bullion banks from privatizing and controlling the gold stores, as well as get back trillions missing from the US government and arrange for $1 trillion to be spent each year on education and art instead of weapons and war. . .

As Utah Phillips once said, "The planet is not dying, it is being killed and the people killing it have names and addresses."

I want to know who is doing this and why they are doing it. Think "who," not "what." All the "what" issues . . . peak oil, environmental deterioration, market manipulations, slave trafficking, sub-prime mortgage crisis . . . will not answer the key question.

Who is doing this and why are they doing it?


  1. Dear Catherine:
    If I were to say that the Icelanders are “doing this” to the world— suppression and theft big time—you would know I was a kook and could be easily discredited. The reason I can not say that it is “the Jews” who are “doing it,” and have been doing it for about five millennia and have brought down virtually all the vanished empires in the process, is because the half-formed suspicion that might be true is lodged in many a breast. But it can’t be said. Not acceptable discourse, although not clearly “kook” as in the Iceland instance. Something else: a horrifying possibility perhaps?
    Tom White, Odessa, TX

  2. That is a powerful thought for the day, and not even 6 a.m. Thank you so much for showing us just how so much of this fits together. I really haven’t been the same since I read about Dillon Read. Yikes.

    The idea that the earth isn’t dying, but being killed by people who have names and address’ also extends to each of us individually. While few of us are in the position of funding or surpressing a project or a technology, all of us can choose what we want to heat our homes, and how much of our own food we want to grow, and how often we choose the car over the bicycle. We all have choices, and we are all part of the problem.

    Again, thanks for all you do. Great job!

  3. Catherine you are a beautiful spirit!

    Your energy is immensely appreciated and will be rewarded in the new beginning. If one wishes to understand they must first understand themselves; Piaget tells US with cognitive development, skinner tells US with advanced behaviorism, the dicing and chopping of major religions into more discrete factions…separating and separating and arguing tells US, chasing after materials while starving the emotions as Wilhelm Reich would describe, tells US, Pharmaceuticals’ “LEGAL” drugs instead of fresh, respectfully grown or raised, and wholesome foods tells US, driving around a 2000lb mechanical device instead of a 400lb mechanical device tells US….What does it tell US, it tells US what we don’t want to take responsibility for REALITY, WE want to act the perpetual child “NO ACCOUNTABILITY” imposed upon ourselves. It is easier (energy) to have others tell us what we need, want, desire, should do then to do the research, communicate, feel, cooperate and defend ourselves. If we are to survive on this planet WE must as a collective drive that extra mile (OUR MINDS) to the next level or we will be a population of DRONES.

    P.S. Tom White from Odessa, TX It is easy for US to fall for labels. What you are falling for is as old as consciousness. IBM is a Rothschilds’ hold rothchilds’ is a Zionist development…IBM is directly responsible for the development and numbering of all Holocaust victims or the effective and efficient means by which to affect the Holocaust…Gypsy, Jew, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Poor, Rich, French, German, African Etc. One Species, Homo sapient ! Today if a black man robs you now all black men are thieves and gradually we impress this upon others of our comfort zone. If tomorrow another white man steals all you money from bank accounts or shame investments now all white people are out to keep US down. If you look to the killing of the Earth it is purposeful. We are all contributors until we are aware and recognize the value of a frog, a bee, a bat, a flower, a tree, a spider, a mosquito ! If life is a web of interactions each and every action has eventually a corresponding response even during states of equilibrium.

    Cathrine and many others are absolutely correct we must define our own measures of Safety and Health since WE as children have been undermined and Unempowered by our caretakers…corporations, governments, banks, religious institutions, etc. It is time WE grow up and quite blaming others !!!!!!


  4. Thank you for posting and commenting on this article, Catherine.

    Your remarks about suppressing alternate technologies, gold manipulation and missing money, it is obvious that much is being hidden. To know why energy options continue to be suppressed, I suppose, is very difficult if you do not work in that field, you “…go down a rabbit hole trying to get to the bottom of things.” So, I think you have to question why in addition to who. In the case of energy, the why could very well be that we are running out of oil and gas. Or it could be that alternate suppressed technologies (such as those from Nikola Tesla) could jeopardize the monopolistic oil industries profit base.

    I do understand your perspective here. However….

    In terms of knowing and learning anything, certainly working in a particular field implies more knowledge about that field than someone who does not engage in the same field of work day after day. But to me it does not mean that you will end up in a rabbit hole per se.

    For example, Gata is a terrific resource exposing gold manipulation. Now, I don’t personally study this everyday but I have confidence in the research because I trust you and the other members of this team. I have also learned to trust you because your work is well thought out, logical and rational, and because I can think.

    If I had to do day to day research on whether gold was being manipulated, I would not be able to perform my regular job. I must put trust in those that do this better than I. So, I buy precious metals based on this trusted research. I see the issue of peak oil no different than gold manipulation or lost money in the government. They all require that someone research and take a position on these issues. If there were 1000 years of oil reserves remaining for the world, this would be significant and have implications in so many areas. So, I think the question of whether we are at peak is just as important as whether gold is manipulated.


  5. Ed Earthling:

    You make many valid points. The only additional one I would make is that it is simple, ancient common sense to stop misbehavior that will wreck the world, nation, home that permits it to continue. If child intends grievous, even lethal mischief, would you not stop it from doing so?

  6. Sir White:

    I agree that the child must be stopped, but when the child is responsible for executive decisions that remove limitations that were instituted for protective purposes and can have tantrums that cause millions to die there is clear and present fear in many. It is the many that WE would directly depend upon for securing or renewing that security. When the many are children themselves and the bully on the playground causes fear most children do nothing, cry, withdraw, etc. Adult children fornicate, drink, gamble, over consume, over work, and blame in effect escape from responsibility…Emotional underdevelopment is the root of modern mammal manipulation. Secondary is food, that is when the trick is up. Any animal will do most anything to eat and basically survive. I should mention that when the being is sufficiently unintelligent manipulation is also very easily accomplished, which is what I fear most of fluorinated and mercuried populations are becoming. Just basic physical events that happen and the theories that are used to explain them can’t even be reproduced by NIST as the possible explaination for what caused the physical event.


  7. Mr. Odessa, Texas. The Rothchilds are small potatoes (though you did mention them, Catherine, in your Dillon discourse as being involved, you gave no further info? why? I read this with admiration for your ideas) and always pulled out when we want to ask “Who.” The Jews of course. But who owns all that $100.00 a barrel oil–and upwards everyday? Where did all that oil from Iraq go? It is why we went to Iraq, where did the oil and money go? Saudi Arabia? Exxon? Where is it? Why is Blackwater providing security for these oil fields? Taxpayer dollars pay and we get no return? I know they’ve been pumping or just holding it off the market, but the money from it? Who got it? Not the Jews, but when the big push comes, the Jews will go down for it, this I know. Instead of asking who, because Catherine the list of who is outrageously long and includes so many of your old pals from Dillon, Morgan, government, the world (many of whom like Gore, are shocking)–including our “friends” from Saudi Arabia, Dubai…. Lets look at how do we take it back from The Labyrinth. Let’s make our Labyrinth so long and intricate they cannot touch us and take it all back.

  8. Hi Nina,

    I actually mentioned the rothschild’s as an illustration to Tom that the ‘jews’ are not necessarily the masterminds behind the global events. jews killing jews for profit !!!! by means of manipulating hitler. So if in the far future one Human destroys a life on some other planet and all those beings blame all humans for one humans decision is insane. It is not an issue of ethnicity, origin, culture, species…You are absolutely correct that it is not the who, because they are here, everywhere, those manipulating and manipulated, both are guilty of perpetuating this 21st century dark ages. Grow a garden, trade with neighbors, work less, educate our children with real knowledge, understand and apply the healing power of optimum nutrition, unplug from their system and create our own that by default will supersede theirs. The future will look like many sci fi books written. corporate/ govt. forces always attempting at enslaving various enclaves of humans wanting to just be left alone to live as they see fit. Same story since the beginning of consciousness. Only time has the answer for our possible futures.

    Best Regards Nina

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