How Solari Audio Seminars Work

How Are Solari Seminars Produced and What Is the Format?
Each Solari Audio Seminar is conducted in a friendly radio talk-show style featuring Catherine Austin Fitts and her guests or a guest host interviewing Catherine. The seminars span a wide variety of illuminating and instructive topics. Seminars are either prerecorded in a studio, prerecorded using conference call technology or recorded live with an audience that dials in by touchtone phone.

Seminars are typically 75 minutes long and include, in this order:

  1. A brief welcome
  2. The interview: 50-55 minutes
  3. Q&A: 10-15 minutes
  4. A short invocation inclusive of all faiths and spiritual practices

How Do I Order and Listen to a Seminar?
After each Audio Seminar is recorded, it is posted as an MP3 at the seminar Resource Page in a private area of our web site. The Resource Page includes all the online materials that accompany the seminar.

When you order our audio seminars, you are offered a choice between the Web/MP3 Version and CD Plus Version:

Web/MP3 Version: Everything you need to get the most out of your Solari Audio Seminar is available on our web site to browse, listen to, or download at your leisure after your order is confirmed. To access the audio recording directly from our web site, simply click on the link provided for listening or downloading the MP3 file -- at your convenience, any time, as often as you like. The audio recording is immediately available after you receive order confirmation, except for upcoming or new releases, which are typically available 24 to 48 hours of the recording date. (Note: you can burn your own CD if you have that capability, or download the seminar onto an iPod or other MP3 player device.)

Web/MP3 Version Plus CD: For your added convenience, we also offer a Plus CD option. For a few dollars more than the cost of an MP3 Version alone, plus shipping, we'll send the audio to you on a beautifully packaged CD, along with the URL link to download the Web/MP3 Version. All the same online resource materials that accompany the MP3 will be available on the CD as well. The CD is usually shipped within two business days, or for upcoming or new releases, within seven days of the recording date.

How Soon and How Often Can I Listen to a Seminar?
For upcoming seminars and live or new releases, the online resources are available on our web site for you to browse generally 1 to 3 days prior to the recording date, the audio program is posted within 24 to 48 hours of the recording session, and the CD is shipped within 7 days.

For all other seminars: when you order the Web/MP3 Version, a URL link to the online materials is emailed to you when you register, so you can start listening and browsing any time; when you order the CD Version, a link to the online resources will be emailed to you with the confirmation of your order, and your CD (with your URL link enclosed) will be shipped within 2 business days.

Listen at your leisure . . . as many times as you want!

How Do I Participate in a Live Seminar?

Occasionally, Catherine will record a new seminar or replay an existing seminar in live format. For these live recordings, the first 200 registrants to order either version of an upcoming seminar before the upcoming date/time are invited to dial in and listen to the seminar via their touchtone phone. For a live seminar, early birds are invited to dial in live to the actual recording session on the date/time scheduled using their touchtone phone. Instructions will be emailed to you along with your order confirmation email.

Our live audio seminars are conducted via a telephone conferencing facility run by Gary Knuckles. Catherine and her guests and support team dial in on a special host line, from wherever they happen to be, and conduct the seminar, while Gary monitors sound levels and records the event. For seminars that are recorded live, our listening audience dials in to the recording session on the audience line, which is muted during the show to block out background noises. A member of the Solari team monitors and collates the questions posted by the audience on our Forum or emailed to during the show. If the bridge phone line has special capacity to allow individual listeners to speak one at a time, questions may be asked by phone.

How Do I Access Online Resource Materials for a Seminar?
When you receive your purchase, whether as an MP3 via email or on a CD, you'll find a URL link to the private web page for that seminar. That's where you'll find the audio recording MP3 link, as well as these supplementary resource materials:

  • Course outline and description
  • Recommended readings and reference links
  • Charts and slides (if any)
  • A link to our online Forum where you can post questions to Catherine

We typically spend a great deal of time researching and outlining a seminar in preparation, painstakingly selecting the material and posting all the links. Please do take advantage of this resource. We hope you find it useful! As a minimum, please consider doing the Recommended Reading for the seminar, and browsing the rest of the event resources to orient yourself before listening.

NOTE: Please keep the private URL link to the seminar resources in a safe place and/or bookmarked for future reference.

More Questions? Call US Toll Free: 888.686.3354 International: 001+406.755.3548.




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