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Want to understand where our jobs, small farms and small businesses are going? Want to know what or who is draining us and our communities?

The Solari Opportunity is about reversing the negative economy into a positive economy, one person, one family, and one community at a time. To see this opportunity, it is necessary to understand how we allow our current financial system to drain our families and neighborhoods, and deplete our natural resources.

In a tapeworm economy a small group of insiders centralize political and economic power at the expense of people, living things and the environment, in a manner that destroys real wealth. A tapeworm economy is one in which it is considered acceptable to make money from our popsicle index going down. In investment terms, it is an economy with a negative return on investment. It is parasitic in nature.

The way an actual tapeworm operates is to inject its host with a chemical that makes the host crave what is good for the tapeworm and bad for the host. So the Tapeworm Economy is adept at using media and education and numerous financial incentives to get us acting against our own strategic interests and instead supporting and depending on the Tapeworm.

The symptoms of the Tapeworm are many - narcotics trafficking that targets our children, runaway exploitive and predatory corporate practices such as the patenting of life, terminator seed and the destruction of our topsoil and food supply, fraudulent inducement of debt to homeowners, students and consumers, suppression of knowledge and renewable energy technology, criminal mismanagement of government credit and resources, black budget operations and the manipulation of currency, financial and precious metal prices and markets. These practices introduce organized crime throughout all aspects of our lives... these transactions drain our families and neighborhoods on a daily basis – much like a tapeworm drains its host.

As we understand the history of these drains in our lives – who is doing them and how we are complicit – we begin to understand the power of the opportunity to transform them in a manner that is safe and profitable for ourselves and those we love.

As we begin to pull our resources out of the Tapeworm, and learn to invest our time and assets in building the world we want, by building real wealth and financial liquidity outside the Tapeworm, and by raising our popsicle index without putting others' at risk, the Tapeworm stronghold will weaken and the excellence of local living economies and diversified enterprises will prosper worldwide – one neighborhood, one enterprise and one investment at a time.

Read the Tapeworm Economics Case Study ...

Surviving and thriving as a free people depends on creating and transacting with currencies and investments other than those printed and manipulated by Wall Street and Washington to the eventual end of our rights and assets. What I have found in communities all across America is that we are so financially entangled in the federal government and large corporations that we cannot see our complicity in everything we say we abhor.

Our social networks are so interwoven with the institutional leadership — government officials, bankers, lawyers, professors, foundation heads, corporate executives, investors, fellow alumni — that we dare not hold our own families, friends, colleagues and neighbors accountable for our very real financial and operational complicity. While we hate "the system," we keep honoring and supporting the people and institutions that are implementing the system when we interact and transact with them in our day-to-day lives. Enjoying the financial benefits and other perks that come from that intimate support ensures our continued complicity and contribution to fueling that which we say we hate.

Read the Case Study:
Dillon Read and the Aristocracy of Stock Profits


America's Black Budget and the Manipulation of Mortgage & Financial Markets,  Financial Sense radio talk show host Jim Puplava interviews Catherine Austin Fitts

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There you'll find our extensive compilation of investigative articles and interviews on the how, why and who's who of the tapeworm economy - connecting the dots on the landscape between Enron, 9-11, the housing bubble, America's black budget, HUD fraud, narco dollars (drug money and laundered money), manipulation of the gold market and US credit, etc.

The Missing Money

Trillions of dollars are missing from the US government. Who is responsible for this? Would your banks continue to handle your bank account if you behaved like this? Would your investors continue to buy your securities if you behaved like this?
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