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Announcing the inaugural audio seminar in a
series on the Tapeworm Economy

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The Real
Economic Hit Men

an audio seminar presented by
Catherine Austin Fitts
President, Solari, Inc.
Successful Wall Street & Washington DC Investment Banker

Recorded Live February 2005



What are the realities of economic warfare today? The best-selling book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man is John Perkins' first-hand confession about his role in international economic fraud the 1970s. But Perkins' account is certainly not the last word. Almost 30 years later, a higher-tech version of government-sponsored fraud has spread right into our own neighborhoods. No longer confined only to poor communities and third-world countries, the economic hit men are now at our doorstep, draining our time, our health, and our pocketbooks. How do we cope with today's far more dangerous economic warfare and government-sponsored market manipulation? The first step-understanding how we are being drained and who is doing it-is the purpose of this new audio seminar series on Tapeworm Economics.

We live in a time when a decades-old tale of fraud is considered a cutting-edge revelation about economic warfare. But knowledge of history alone is not going to protect us. We need to turn to those few honest voices who have the courage to push back the veil on today's hit men and women. Please join us for Catherine's inaugural audio seminar on the negative-return-on-investment economy, beginning Thursday, February 17, where she will cover the following topics:

  • Current developments around the world
  • Principles of tapeworm economics
  • Today's real economic hit men and women
  • The special role of 9/11 and other dirty tricks

    Recommended Reading
    This audio seminar is based on the recent article "Will the Real Economic Hit Men Please Stand Up?" written by Catherine Austin Fitts, for

    Useful Links
    The following provides useful background. An extended list of recommended reading and useful references is made available online to registrants of the seminar.
    Safely Navigate the Falling Dollar - a CD/DVD lecture presentation by Catherine Austin Fitts, December 2004

    The audio recording is made available online to registrants of the seminar, generally within 24 hours after air time. See below to register.

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    The Real Economic Hit Men
    Recorded Live February 2005

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    * These first two in the series are designed to complement one another.
    The Real Economic Hit Men provides an understanding of economic warfare and market manipulation ("Tapeworm Economics"); Coming Clean 101 offers an introduction to the Solari solution, beginning with the process of "coming clean."

    Each purchase includes the downloadable audio file(s)
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