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The Black Budget Grows: 1934-95

1934 Gold Reserve Act creates Exchange Stabilization Fund, receiving booty seized during and after WWII. Explosive growth in US Treasury debt finances significant military and intelligence budgets

The US intelligence agencies working with telecoms and IT companies build a global surveillance machinery, as described repeatedly in movies such as Enemy of the State, The Listening and The End of Violence.

Private corporations assume control of the most powerful, secret technology in the world, funded with government money. The financial resources provided are in the trillions.

Black technologies are reengineered to create new digital technologies leading to explosive growth and wealth creation in the high tech corridors such as those around San Francisco, Boston and Denver.

1947 National Security Act
1949 CIA Act - With ’47 Act creates mechanisms for US appropriations to be diverted to a “black budget.”
1980 By Executive Order, private corporations can manage secret, highly classified projects as government contractors.
1982 Memorandum of Understanding between CIA and DOJ exempts the majority of CIA personnel and contractors from reporting narcotics trafficking to DOJ.
1980’s Iran Contra financial fraud and narcotics trafficking (Mena, Arkansas, Los Angeles, California) explodes; S&L and HUD mortgage scandals and subsequent 1989-93 bailouts.

Financial Coup d’ Etat: 1995-2006

1994 The North American Trade Agreement comes into force.

G-7 leads the “rebalancing” of the global economy, which ultimately leads to the creation of the G-20

US government and corporate media suppress stories re: government drug running operations at Mena, Arkansas and in Los Angeles

US government targets Hamilton Securities, stealing their digital infrastructure, including Community Wizard, making a housing bubble possible

Issuance of fraudulent mortgage securities and probably Treasury bonds and related derivatives explode.

Working with US and European intelligence agencies, private corporations use invasive digital surveillance systems and covert operations to build out a global network of investments interests in companies and assets globally.

The private intelligence systems and capacity continue to grow.

Financial deposits and assets in the offshore tax havens explode.


Uruguay Round of GATT is adopted, creating the WTO
As “strong dollar policy” and a housing bubble take hold, significant capital is moved legally and illegally from North America into the emerging markets as highly organized operations engineer international policies and financing to cause companies and assets to be acquired, often at bargain basement prices.

See: Financial Coup d'Etat


Missing Money & Telecom-Tech Pump and Dump: 1996-2005

Fiscal 1998-2003 $4 trillion goes missing from US accounts. See: The Missing Money Significant liabilities remain on government balance sheets – insurance and credit programs, retirement and health care programs and other treaty and legal obligations.

A Congressional investigation reports that a majority of US federal agencies are not in compliance with financial management laws. The US government defies laws requiring audited financial statements.

9/11 destroys significant documentation relating to ONI, SEC & FBI investigations into missing money and financial fraud used to finance the financial coup d’état. Destruction includes the headquarters of the largest US treasury dealer.

US government operations and accounting and payments systems are by now completely dependent on private companies to run their operations.

Corporate asset and valuations steadily increase, although the stock market drops significantly with the crash of the tech bubble.

Wall Street enjoys record profits and bonuses.

Private investors and endowments continue to amass control of larger and larger pools of private capital.

1998-2000 Significant venture capital moves into Internet companies, bubbling the stock market, shifting enormous capital to those engineering the bubble and shifting Silicon Valley focus from decentralized value creation to facilitating central control. The IPO market shifts significant capital to players behind the bubble.
September 10, 2001 Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld admits at press conference that the Pentagon had $2.3 trillion of “undocumentable adjustments” in its financial accounts the prior year.

Bailouts, QE1, QE2, QE3: 2006-2013

  Bailouts refinance up to an estimated $27 trillion of fraudulent securities and derivatives, nationalizing Fannie and Freddie and using up the FHA reserves. Governmental liabilities explode. This includes insurance and credit programs, along with health care and retirement obligations.

Household expenses and unemployment continue to rise, while household income falls.

Tensions over criminal liabilities related to financing the financial coup d’état are high, making reinvestment on scale problematic. Thanks to popular support of a new President, politicians manage to reappoint coup leaders to run the new Administration and to transfer trillions to refinance fraudulent securities that financed the coup without ever requiring that anyone of significance be fired or prosecuted.

Wall Street and corporate bonuses continue to be relatively high despite being financed with taxpayer dollars.

  QE 1, 2 and 3 provide significant additional refinancing of fraudulent mortgage (and possibly Treasury) securities.
  European governments provide significant bailouts to European banks.
  The President of the United States delegates to the National Security Advisor the ability to waive SEC regulations that applies to the reporting and disclosure of corporate finances in the interests of National Security.

Fiscal Cliff, Healthcare Act, Fed Tapering: 2009-2013

2009, 2010 Congress passes landmark health care legislation, dubbed Obamacare. Governmental liabilities explode. This includes insurance and credit programs, as well as health care and retirement obligations at federal, state and local government.

Structural unemployment remains high.

Upon observing government liabilities and the diminution of the middle class, many financial observers predict the demise of the US dollar or a global financial collapse.

Obamacare provides unprecedented control over the economy and access to private data and further squeezes middle-income families. An estimated four million Americans lose their health care policies.

American Airlines engineers a bankruptcy to abrogate retirement obligations. Detroit bankruptcy is upheld by the courts threatening pension funds and health care for municipal workers.

G-7 announces that it is targeting off shore tax havens, after the US forces Switzerland to surrender banking privacy and submit to US jurisdiction and regulation for institutions accepting American deposits.

Proposals to delay retirement ages under Social Security and require small businesses to create mandatory 401k plans grow.

The Obama Administration announces a privatization policy for the US Space Program.

With the statue of limitation passed on most financial fraud and fraudulent securities extinguished, the pools of capital shifted into 3.0 during the financial coup d’état grow secure.

Significant technology is shifted from black projects into the high-tech centers for corporate development.

Numerous high-tech billionaires invest in and build space companies.

Wealth and income of the richest Americans continue to grow.

The Shadow Banking system continues to grow.

2012 US grapples with “the fiscal cliff,” including a government shutdown and debt limit challenges. See: Coming Clean Beyond the Fiscal Cliff
  The Federal Reserve balance sheet balloons at the Federal Reserve bond purchase grow to an amount equal to approximately 85% of US government debt issuance.
2012 Congress passes the Jobs Act, designed to ease capital raising for start-ups and early venture.
2013 Fed announces that it will start tapering QE in 2014

The Breakaway Civilization: 2014

  With the majority of potential corporate and personal liabilities extinguished, the “breakaway civilization” is free to reinvest in the broad commercialization and application of technology developed in the black budget programs.

Governmental surveillance systems are privatized as the NSA dark fiber partners in social media, search engines, computing and telecoms grow in power and market valuations.

The G-20 proceeds with balkanization of the Internet and Satellite systems in an attempt to protect themselves from Friendly Fascism 3.0.


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