2014 Annual Wrap Up

“…with an eye made quiet by the power of harmony, and the deep power of joy, we see into the life of things.

~ William Wordsworth

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Happy New Year!

On Thursday, January 8th, the Solari Report team will publish our Annual Wrap Up, complete with an online Web Presentation with graphs and charts to help you assess and digest the richness of our topic.

Here is what I will be covering:

  • A Free and Inspired Life – our theme for 2015.
  • Money Maps of the World – we have created a tool to review the “geo” of “geopolitics.”
  • Planet Equity –  our choice for the “big trend” to highlight this year.
  • The Most Important Stories of 2014 and the Deeper Trends – I look at critical drivers in our culture and economy that define your opportunities and risks.
  • 2014 Financial Market Round Up –  a review of performance in the global financial markets.
  • 2015: Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready – let’s talk about scenarios and strategies for this coming year.
  • Vision 2020 – The Solari Report team wants to support your free and inspired life: here are our plans for 2015.
  • Best Books for 2015 – Some of our favorite picks to keep you in the know this year.
  • And the Winners are… – announcing the Solari Report hero, documentary and movie of the year.
  • Credits and Closing – The Solari Report draws from the best and the brightest – we want to remind you of who they are and how you can enjoy their offerings.

This is a great way to start your year – with perspective!


  1. Catherine, I would appreciate you commenting on the impact of Chemtrails are having on our environment, which is effecting quality of health in all life, droughts and damage to our soils. There is an ever increasing awaresness of Chemtrails (also called Geoengineering by some), which have no oversight review and may well add in global warming as recent studies indicate. This awarranted spraying will have a long term impact on many areas of our economy and quality of life…your view is appreciated for sure! Sincerely,
    Bruce L Erickson http://www.BruceLErickson.com

  2. Great, another Bio Regional expert. Here in central Texas, A friend of mine, T. N. was very active in past years. I recall Catherine spoke to a Bio Regional Congress, maybe in 2009 or 2010? T.N. has been quite the activist.


  3. Hi Catherine,
    Given the pain being inflicted in the oil futures market, as a result of falling oil prices, has this altered your thinking regarding a potential financial collapse? I’m also wondering whether you thinking creating an LLC for a self-directed IRA offers the protection advertised. Thanks for being a beacon in a stormy sea.

  4. Catherine, thank you as always for the Annual Wrap-Up. I will take my time getting through it as I want to absorb all the material. Meanwhile, have you read the novel Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson? it follows a logical path of what could happen as our machines get more and more intelligent. Quite a cautionary tale – would love to get your take on it. Thanks again for the Solari Report. I couldn’t get by without it!

    • Kathleen:

      I just ordered Robopocalypse. Looks very interesting. I love the Battlestar Gallactica series done with Olmos and McDonnell for TV – and its warnings about the danger of AI.

      Thanks for the kind words. This years Wrap Up has been quite a labor of love – it is so important once a year for me to take the time and review everything to refresh my overall perspective/framework. It is always a very enriching process.


      • Also another amazing one — The Martian, by Andy Weir. First novel, writing style is a little bumpy, but an amazing adventure tale. A botanist who is part of a manned Mars mission gets accidentally left behind, and must survive more than a year until he can be rescued. Made me stay up till 3:00 am on Christmas Eve – I couldn’t put it down.

  5. My apologies for expecting you to read my mind. My question pertaining to the oil market was really about the debt instruments funding fracking. Satyajit Das makes the point that in ’08 subprime debt was a small portion of the debt market, yet it caused tremendous problems for the broader bond market.

  6. Catherine,

    I heard your message that you had to walk away from both sides of the financial argument spectrum in
    your year end wrap up.

    That being said one of the new segments at tastytrade.com ( from the founders of ThinkorSwim ) is

    Truth or Skepticism with Dylan Ratigan interviewing / inquiring about individual investing with Tom Sosnoff.


    The above segment focuses on oil and bonds and seems to be a live performance of the two sides
    you spoke of in your financial markets year end.

    They also then seem to present points of view on bonds and oil that contrast very nicely with either
    James Norman./Catherine or Joseph Farrell/Catherine commentaries.

    I find tastytrade.com both energetic and transparent. Is there room on the solari report
    to hear more on risk defined derivatives like selling a put to gain entry and reduce cost
    or credit spreads to reduce capital requirements?

    I also think the TastyTrade content many days represents a stage of live commentators and engagement that contrast nicely
    with the financial parts of Solari Report (a portion of the Solari report acted out.)

    Richard Stein

  7. Catherine

    I do take back my comments that it is not worth a post.

    I think in your list of commentators a couple years ago you mentioned Dylan Ratigan but I do not
    recall what you said.

    I have also now listened to the segment in full and I must say it is REALLY worth a posting.

    Their content at tastytrade.com and this particular segment is like Solari having players on a stage to accentuate and contrast
    some of the primary themes you and your Solari guests cover.

    The depiction of a traders mentality and description of how a professional views risk
    is excellent for a contrast to Solari but also as a critique of official reality vs
    “Truth or Skepticism.”

    Thanks for listening.

    Richard Stein

    • Richard:

      You are too late – I already sent in for posting!

      What Tom is proposing is a plan that drives down the middle – just as I was proposing in the wrap up.

      Thanks for the heads up.


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