Your Taxes in 2013 with Chuck Gibson and Melanie Pelayo – December 6

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Audio Chapters

1. Introduction & Up-coming Events – 0:00

2. Theme – 4:49 The Rush Hour Cometh

3. Money & Markets – 8:07 In Money & Markets, Catherine highlights the important news stories of the week. This week’s topics include student debt and Tim Geithner’s appointment as Obama’s chief negotiator on the fiscal cliff.

4. Hero – 12:38 We have two heroes this week: the brave NSA whistleblower, William Binney, and the late, wonderfully talented jazz pianist, Dave Brubeck.

5. Ask Catherine – 14:07 Catherine answers subscribers’ questions pertaining the fiscal cliff and upcoming taxes in 2013.

6. Interview – 18:52 Catherine talks with her Sea Lane colleagues, Chuck Gibson and Melanie Pelayo, about the fiscal cliff and what tax changes to expect in 2013.

7. Let’s Go to the Movies! – 1:01:40 Catherine reviews the comedy Being There, which stars the hilarious and talented Peter Sellers.

8. Closing – 1:03:52

December 13 is the Precious Metals Market Report with Franklin Sanders and Chris Powell.

There will be no Solari Report on December 20th and the Solari office will be closed December 22nd-January 1st for Christmas.

December 27th is a pre-recorded special report from Jon Rappoport: The Covert Engineering of Information

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Taxes are going to rise next year – the message is coming through loud and clear. But what does that mean to you?

This Thursday, I will be speaking with Chuck Gibson and Melanie Pelayo about your taxes in 2013. I have invited Chuck and Melanie to lead us through the specifics of what is likely to change and what it means to you.

Chuck is the President of Financial Perspectives and my partner and fellow managing member of Sea Lane Advisory, LLC.  Melanie works with Chuck as a certified financial planner and manages the Sea Lane investment committee for us.

I will start with Money and Markets and Ask Catherine.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review Being There, the classic comedy in which a very hilarious Peter Sellers teaches us a thing or two about translating Washington policy spin into understandable English.

Keep those great questions coming – post your questions for  Chuck, Melanie and me on the blog or during our show Thursday night.

Talk to you Thursday!

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