1st Quarter 2017 Equity Overview

“’Lockdown’ is what the stock market has been on since mid-February. We’ve got multiple terrorist attacks around the world, we’ve launched a U.S. missile strike on Syria, a battle fleet is headed for the Korean Peninsula, and the stock market just hangs in there.” ~ Jeffrey Saut, Raymond James investment strategist likening the market to The Twilight Zone.

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This is our third and last review of our 1st Quarter Wrap Up. 

This week I will review the charts for the 1st quarter and year-to-date performance in the global fixed income, equities and commodities markets.

I don’t believe in trying to predict the future – but I do believe in sound risk management and being prepared. To help you do that, every year we prepare scenarios. I will talk a bit about how to use the scenarios we published in the Annual Wrap Up to help you with your investment strategy as well as family risk management. See my latest post Checklist: Family Risk.

In Money & Markets this week I will discuss the latest in financial and geopolitical news. If you are struggling to keep up, this weekly round up can help.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review Meet John Doe,  one of Frank Capra’s movies that reminds us that we don’t need governments to create successful communities and economies. Indeed, we have the power and resources to do it ourselves.

Talk to you Thursday!


  1. Thank you, Catherine. Regarding core position in precious metals. I called the company you recommend to inquire about purchasing precious metals. The recommendation was to purchase silver right now and not gold. You mention purchasing gold in your report. Could you weigh in on those two options?

    Furthermore, the recommendation from Sanders was to purchase silver and hold it until it becomes more lucrative to trade it in for gold at a later time. So, buying precious metals may not be a long term holding strategy, but one that requires following and active trading in that market. Is this true? Thank you.

    • No. Franklin recommends trading to improve gains. I do not think it is necessary for core positions and can create other risks which is why I would never trade my core. The last thing I want is to be a middle of a swap mailing things back and forth when I need the core. Fine to do if you like for investment positions.

      Gold or silver both work for core positions. I like primarily gold, but some junk silver (90% silver) is attractive to have, including because it is legal tender. Silver is bulky. Gold is smaller, easier to put in your pocket and walk away or cheaper to store. In the worst case it is the “gold” standard. If Franklin recommended silver, it is because he thinks the chart is more attractive and it is more undervalued. However, that is an investment consideration. Franklin thinks that the market is up from here. I don’t. If we get another consolidation, silver is likely to drop more.

      For my core position, I would buy either all gold, or buy gold and some junk silver so I had smaller denominations. And I would never trade it.


  2. Catherine, in your Q and A at the end of Money and Markets, someone asked an ET question about our government perhaps paying them off with dollars, of which you responded it would be more likely with gold and other assets, including human beings.

    You recommended to your listeners to understand the secret or black budget US space program to get a good grasp of the money trails, so I delved into it. I watched many of the speeches at the 2014 Secret Space Conference. I really loved Carol Rosin and what she had to say. I followed her and was led to Dr. Steven Greer, his Disclosure Project documentary, his Sirius documentary, and I am now waiting on his latest documentary Unacknowledged.

    It’s hard to find a more credible, earnest, rational, and intelligent person than Dr. Steven Greer in the quest for disclosure on intelligence information on ET and ET technology to the public held secret by rogue factions inside the US government and shared with certain defense contractors.

    His message is two fold – 1) ETs with whom we’ve had contact are advanced beings of higher consciousness than we are as a civilization. They want to help us, they are too evolved to want to harm us, so weaponizing space is just another self interested Mr. Global plan. 2) The technologies that these rogue areas of the government have gleamed from downed ET vehicles are so advanced, if implemented, would free us from fossil fuels and nuclear power to energy that is totally free and clean for the entire planet. The result of such a shift in the energy paradigm would break the back of Mr. Global’s economic as well as geopolitical power and raise all humanity to a heightened level of living upon this planet.

    After researching most of Dr. Greer’s work, I do believe that this advanced ET technology that is so secretly guarded by the elite few, summed up as Mr. Global, is the reason behind Mr. Global’s actions and plans to suppress, control, dumb down, and depopulate the earth so that when this new technology is unveiled and implemented, Mr. Global maintains control and dominion over those left on the planet in whatever dehumanized form they may be in.

    The animal mutilations, harmful abductions, etc., are not ET at all. They are humanly manufactured. These governmental rogue factions have technologies that are anti-gravity, travel faster than the speed of light, and can create ET like beings that do evil things to create false flags and scare the public. Just like 9-11 was a false flag to create the out of control business model of the war on terror, these false flag ET stunts are to further garner public support to enlarge the war business model into weaponizing and going to war in space.

    I believe the only enemy to humanity is part of humanity itself – Mr. Global. The ETs can only help us with conquering our own danger at home and not exporting it to them out in space.

    Check out Dr. Greer’s websites and his project CE-5, that makes peaceful contact with ETs.

    Catherine, please give me your feedback.

    • I have posted a number of videos from Dr. Greer. I have numerous disagreements with his public positions but appreciate his efforts to bring transparency to these questions. I have found Richard Dolan to practice far more thorough scholarship and discernment and do a better job of framing the uncertainty and possibilities. If you have not read UFOs for a 21st Century Mind, I would strongly recommend.

      • Hi Catherine,

        With what public positions of Dr. Greer do you have disagreement? What is your opinion of Carol Rosin’s positions on ETs and the weaponization of space?

        • Alissa:

          To answer that properly is a 10 hour job. Here is a short cut:

          1. Dr. Greer’s material is useful for understanding the scope of the black budget – and he has aggregated some good testimony from retired military.
          2. IMO Space is already weaponized – although it is very difficult to get reliable information about this very important topic since the human weaponization is against existing treaties and any other weaponization would be from advanced civilizations that are not supposed to exist.
          3. The history of technologically advanced civilizations meeting less advanced civilizations indicates that the less advanced civilizations always come out worse for the encounter, so I would recommend not assuming that we would be the exception. On this point, suggest you watch the SSP videos of Farrell and Dolan.
          4. If you want to understand the issues related to possible evidence of one or more separate civilizations interacting with humans, I recommend you start with Richard Dolan’s work, starting with UFOS for 21st century minds.


          • Whenever you listen to our equity overviews or anything on risk on the Solari Report, it might help you to understand my point of view.

            I am interested in our subscribers using your time and money to serve your purpose in life – to live a free and inspired life. As part of that, I hope to help you navigate risks and see opportunities. I want to make sure you are not harvested or taken advantage of – to the best of my ability. I also want to make sure you do so in a way that helps systemically – so we all can live a free and inspired life.

            What that means is that I am integrating information from literally thousands of areas and specialities trying to discern what is important in terms of risks and opportunities to your life, your family, your health, your time, your income statement, your balance sheets.

            So my focus is on integration as the knowledge informs successful strategies. One way I do that is to try to find the very best people and sources in each of those literally thousands of areas. Once I find what is the best source and have a framework for that particular area, I am not interested in diving down to try to become an expert myself or the mediate between the different legitimate disagreements or disinformation in the area. I would rather go on and integrate a new area.

            If a discussion does not add additional value to helping my subscribers have a free and inspired life or to do so in a way that increases the chances that 7mm worldwide can, then I am on to find the best source in another area. Given the increasing risk, there is much to do.

            Hope that helps.

  3. I got my silver coin, thanks. Love the saying “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. I am a firm believer in Karma. That being said income property has been very good to me, depending on where it is and what it cost. Experience has shown me you can fix anything on a property but paying too much.
    Ordered Richard Maybury ‘s “current report” interesting!
    Always looking for some one else to expand my knowledge of markets, giving me a different prospective. You are the only one who has stood the test of time.
    A funny thing happened last month. With all the stuff coming at me, I just stopped drinking. I was having one to two drinks a night. I just feel I don’t need to any more. I attribute it to detoxing. Not only food wise but more importantly toxic family and so called friends.
    Again thanks

    • That is very interesting. I have been taking thyroid pills for many years and last month just stopped. I have tried to stop before and was not able to do so. Last month it just happened as a matter of course. I was traveling in Europe, busy and just forgot to take the thyroid pills. As it becomes more and more invasive and untrustworthy, I intuitivelly want to get as far away from the pharmaceutical system as possible. To my surprise I feel much better.

  4. Just remembered a TV series from the 80’s. Think before before your time. It’s a mini series called “V”. It’s about an alien race of lizard people who arrive here on earth looking just like us, offering to help, when in reality they have other plans. They use some thing called red dust, which is dropped from the sky, to control us. Had the flash back while hiking on the cost watching chem trails. Just thought I would mention it.


  5. As a baby boomer and having grown up in the mission district of SF, I remember a little prayer I would say each day. “Please God protect me from bad priest’s, doctors and gangs. The priest I was praying abut got defrocked, the doctor hung himself, and my friends and I formed our own gang to protect each other. But in life the gangs just got bigger and more sophisticated. Most of my friends entered the medical profession or the teaching profession. I dropped out of collage to focus on small business. In 1999 I suffered a heart attack. A medical doctor saved my life, luck for me no damage. It took me 6 months to get off the 7 drugs they had me on. Through EDTA celation my arteries today are clear. As a friend pointed out, she is a pharmacist, most people are not willing to make a change in there life. It has to be done with competent medical advise. Congratulations on making the changes that count. It’s so dam hard!
    PS. got the heads up from another friend who teaches premed that some of the new drugs from big pharma , once your on them you can never get off, = guaranteed income stream. Great business model if it wasn’t so evil!


    • Thanks! It was one of my few exceptions to all natural. Eleven years of litigation got me off the health care trance. Probably saved my life by forcing me outside the system.

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