Checklist: Family Risk

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Below is a list of risk issues I prepared for a theoretical family considering a move from a densely populated high cost area in the United States. I will use this as background for our discussion of scenarios for our 1st Quarter 2017 Equity Overview.


  • Family of four US citizens
  • Two children
  • Family members are healthy
  • Family lives in large state in a densely populated area

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Risks to Consider:

I. Decision Making

  • Maintaining balance and coherence during change

II. Environmental Pollution

  • Nuclear accidents, including Fukushima
  • Global and local spraying
  • EMF radiation
  • General pollution – deterioration in air, water and food quality

III. Health and Safety

  • Faith – loss of positive vision of future, joy and connection in response to change
  • Mind – Quality of field; digital and smart systems use entrainment technology and subliminal programming

– consumer addictions – pornography and gambling

– media influence for political or financial purposes

  • Traffic
  • Deterioration in health care freedom, health care system and importance health care proxy and related planning
  • Local cultural deterioration
  • Local stress levels  from change: divide and conquer manipulation; shadow work
  • Private armies, intelligence agencies and mercenaries operating above the law
  • Community and network – positive energy or negative energy
  • Crime

 IV. Financial

  • Inflation
  • Corruption/soundness of the banking and custodian systems
  • Shift from Global 2.0 to Global 3.0
  • Shift from global debt model to equity model
  • Inability of leveraged system (debt and derivatives) to handle a recession without war or financial crisis
  • Dependence on insecure digital systems; exposure to cyberwarfare
  • Push to eliminate cash and chip population
  • Financial fraud

V. Political

  1. Secrecy of government operations and finances; destruction of individual privacy
  2. Weather warfare
  3. Digital systems and smart grid systems used for mind control, including political and financial applications
  4. Reengineering of federal budget
  5. State and local unfunded pension and debt liabilities
  6. Growth of operations outside the law: breakaway civilization and “midianite thing”
  7. Targeting of children: pedophila, military draft, experimental drugs and vaccines, on line covert operations, mind control
  8. “Gotcha” enforcement
  9. Weaponizing population: Chuck E. Cheese brawl
  10. Encroachment of health freedoms

 VI. Becoming a Multi-Planetary Society

  1. Transhumanism – inhuman vs. human civilization.

Questions to Consider for Choice of a Physical Location:

  • US Jurisdiction – pros and cons of North America
  • Anglo-American/5 Eyes Jurisdiction
  • NATO Jurisdiction
  • Dense or remote
  • Local individual community connection and power
  • Culture – human or inhuman; high learning metabolism or low learning metabolism; faith vs. aethiest
  • Local jurisdiction weather and assets
  • Water, food, health care
  • Who is your farmer, doctor, banker?

To consider for remote locations:

  •  intensity of spraying
  • other pollution and mind control
  • quality of education and necessity of home schooling
  • sufficient access to reliable hard wire or satellite to work from location
  • enforcement and safety issues