Checklist: Family Risk

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Below is a list of risk issues I prepared for a theoretical family considering a move from a densely populated high cost area in the United States. I will use this as background for our discussion of scenarios for our 1st Quarter 2017 Equity Overview.


  • Family of four US citizens
  • Two children
  • Family members are healthy
  • Family lives in large state in a densely populated area


  1. Hi, Catherine,

    This is a great checklist, and I wonder how many of your subscribers are in my situation – single, no dependents, nearing retirement age. I wonder if you could do a checklist for single adults?

    Kathy C.

  2. That is a good idea to include single people. Just today we were discussing this subject at work. Where you can move to be safe and who you let in your life and who you keep out. The conversation started because a 72 year old woman was tied, gagged and beaten in her own home here in a small community south west of Indianapolis. A lot of people are thinking on this subject.


    • Absolutely. Imperative to be very careful. The best investment you will ever make is to associate with excellent people and to do your very best to be one.

  3. If you are a single woman and you don’t live in a densely populated area/apartment building with lots of neighbors and activity, you should buy a gun and adopt a large dog 🙂 Nothing like a .38 Special and a rescue Pitbull to keep the bad guys away!

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