1st Quarter 2015 Equity Overview

“There is no limit to how low rates can go and how large foreign currency reserves can grow… The message is that if it’s not enough, we will do even more… Either we can expand our balance sheet or we can go deeper into negative territory with the interest rates. That is a possibility and no one should try to outguess us here…We can go on forever.” ~ Lars Rohde, Denmark Central Bank Governor, February 2015

By Catherine Austin Fitts

As discussed in our Annual Wrap Up, the geopolitical ground is shifting under our feet. This has profound implications for global valuations – indeed watching global valuations offers important insights on the rebalancing of the global economy.

In our 1st Quarter Equity Overview this Thursday, I will review global valuations in the equity markets, the impact of sovereign fiscal policy and central bank monetary policy and what the trend in valuations tell us about long term opportunities and risks.

At subscribers request, I will also address specific questions:

  • the outlook for the US dollar and the impact of dollar performance on the US stock market;
  • issues and options to consider for your portfolio and investment strategy;
  • a serious deflationary scenario – could it happen and what would the implications be for your strategy; and,
  • the pros and cons of direct securities registration.

Please do post or e-mail your questions before Thursday.

The “Planet Equity” and “Financial Markets Round Up” sections of the Annual Wrap Up are excellent background for our discussion, so take a look if you have a chance.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review an excellent German Documentary, Der Banker: Master of the Universe which provides remarkable insights into the global financial markets.

Talk to you Thursday!

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