1st Quarter Wrap Up: Where to Stash Your Cash in 2016

“I am not so much concerned with the return on capital as I am with the return of capital.”
~ Will Rogers

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Our theme for the 2016 1st Quarter Wrap Up is “Where to Stash Your Cash in 2016.”

Interest rates continue to stay low and concerns are growing that negative interest rates in European and Japanese sovereign markets may spread to North America. Concerns are also growing about the integrity of the financial system and the digital systems that payment and transactions use.

What does this mean to me and you? How do you ensure that you are with a trustworthy custodian? How do you ensure that your principal is protected? How do you achieve some return on your deposits or cash equivalent assets without taking a lot of risk? For numerous reasons, this is a good time to step back and review your cash management options.

The 1st Quarter Wrap Up comes with both audio and web presentations in four sections:

  • Introduction – I will present a brief overview of the economy and markets for 1st Q 2016.
  • Theme – Where to Stash Your Cash in 2016.
  • News Trends and Stories –  Dr. Joseph Farrell will join me for a in-depth discussion of the top news trends and stories.
  • Financial Presentations – In this quarter I am combining the Q1 Equity Overview with the Quarterly Wrap Up, so we will cover the market charts in a single, integrated presentation.

We will pick up on numerous themes from earlier wrap up’s, including:

If you havenot yet read the prior annual and quarterly Wrap Up’s, they offer great background material for these and other Solari Reports.

Later this month we will publish a PDF transcript and an online flipbook for Solari Report subscribers. In early May, a hard-copy version of the Q1 Wrap Up will be available for purchase by subscribers at the Solari Store.

Look for the web presentation on the evening of April 14th. We hope you enjoy it!

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