2012 Annual Wrap Up – January 3

Happy New Year!

It’s that time of year to assess – what happened in 2012? And what are the major trends for 2013?

Our poster for 2013 celebrates our theme for this new year – Coming Clean.

Throughout the developed world, extraordinary increases in the money supply, fiscal stimulus and falling interest rates have failed to engineer economic recovery.  Rather than digging out, governments and central banks have dug themselves in deeper. Their insistence on more controls and inability to break through to real solutions mean we need to craft solutions for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

Solari Report subscribers have been doing this for years. However, the number of people interested in “coming clean” will increase, perhaps dramatically in 2013.  Let’s welcome them.

This Thursday night on the Solari Report (6pm PT/9pm ET) is my annual wrap up. I will cover the key events of 2012 and important trends going forward into 2013. Topics include:

  • Top Stories of 2012
  • Solari Report Highlights
  • Unanswered Questions of 2012
  • Hero of the Year
  • Movie of the Year
  • New Year Resolutions
  • Market Round Up – Predictions for 2013
  • Opportunities for Coming Clean in 2013


In Let’s Go to the Movies, two reviews. First, a review of  the most talked about movie of 2012, the third movie in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, the Dark Knight Rises, as part of our discussion regarding the push for gun control in 2013, its relationship to the fiscal cliff, and the importance of coming clean about the federal finances and who and what is really behind mass shootings.

Second, the essential lesson that the Masterpiece Theatre series Downton Abbey can teach us about Coming Clean.


This will be an hour and a half special with a transcript including special graphics available later this month.


  1. Catherine,

    In reviewing earlier comments relating to mortgage fraud and in light of the Fed program to purchase securities monthly to clear the market and reward fraud, I concluded there was one issue I wasn’t able to fully explain. My question relates to the mechanics of securitized mortgages containing multiple first mortgages or of those originated from non-existent properties you often speak of.

    As I see it, all things being equal from the outset there would be non-performing mortgages within a given tranche and these would have to be “covered” somehow at least initially. Were these defaults allowed to happen immediately and value of the tranche fall with it? Was it akin to a Ponzi scheme of gathering sales from future securities sales to cover? Were there derivatives or CDS set up to cover some initial defaults to maintain the illusion of a given rating? Is it possible the coupon payment schedule was adjusted to mask this for a few years? Is it possible that certain tranches received the lion’s share of fraudulent mortgages and thereafter performed the poorest? Any insight you can provide functionally relating the money flows to investors holding these securities would be much appreciated, thank you.


  2. Hello and happy new year. Regarding the fiscal cliff…if we are watching the managed collapse of the dollar, then both parties want the same thing. Do you think that they’ve had the deal in hand for weeks? By creating a crisis, it makes compromise look acceptable to constituents, because they avoided disaster. And as Franklin Sanders said yesterday, that plus two percent on Wall Street was minus two percent on our purchasing power. Even though we averted disaster this time, we now know where are leaders are taking us- right over a cliff.

    Thank you.

  3. Dear Catherine –

    For the first time in 3 years, I have ‘regular’ TV because I wanted to gauge what most people are seeing. The propaganda is VERY strong and very consistent. Combined with entrainment technology, is there much hope that mainstream American will ever ‘come clean’?

    Looking forward to tonights presentation very much! Thank you for all that you do ….

    All the best!


  4. Hi Catherine,

    I am a new subscriber but a long time fan, I heard you on Flashpoints many years ago and have been following your work ever since. You are probably more responsible for my awareness and coming clean than most others, so a huge thank you for everything you do.

    I just got a chance to listen to this podcast and appreciate that you addressed the issue of AGW, Chemtrails and space weather in regards to climate change/disruption. It seems so many people are aware of certain issues but miss it on this this one. I would appreciate if you (or maybe Jon R.) could provide some more in depth coverage on why you think they believe still in that big lie. This is even from really smart people like Max Keiser or Gary Null, who even had Dane Wigington on his show to discuss the launch of Why in the World are They Spraying and the possible impact upon the weather and local climate.

    Thanks again for your work.

  5. Catherine

    I certainly want to encourage you to include Glenn Kimball’s work in your research about zombies.
    The April 2003 show is not available on line even to subscribers of C2C and sadly Glenn’s web sites
    and body of work were removed from their central location after he died.

    Here is his C2C guest link



    Ancient Texts

    Date: 04-08-03
    Host: George Noory
    Guests: Glenn Kimball

    “There are five million ancient texts that deal with Christ and the apostles,” said Glenn Kimball an expert on arcane manuscripts, who appeared on Tuesday’s show. In addition to offering lore about the life of Jesus, Kimball discussed the ancient history of the Americas, which he believes may have been visited by everyone from the Vikings, to the Egyptians to England’s King Arthur. “We are people that bury our own history. We have institutionalized that part of history out of existence,” Kimball said, explaining why these visitations aren’t more widely known or accepted.

    Among Kimball’s revelations about Jesus, were that he fathered children and also traveled to Tibet and India before his return to Jerusalem. Upon his resurrection, Kimball said texts refer to “multiple resurrections” taking place simultaneously. Orders were made to “seal the tombs of Rome to keep the dead from walking the street,” Kimball said, who connected the subsequent All Saints Day (Halloween) with this event. Kimball also spoke of various texts that indicate Jesus was highly regarded in such religions as Buddhism and Islam. But Christians are the biggest culprits of hiding texts of the actual Christ, he added.

  6. Regarding who Mr. Global may be… Spending time trying to figure out who they are and whether or not they came from earth is not as important as understanding what they have done in the past and are doing now. When someone asks me who they are, I reply that these are the folks who brought you WWI. To me, that sums up how utterly inhumane they are; that was such a horrible, pointless war. If someone was just starting to try to understand and accept that this is how it is, I would start with The Creature from Jekyll Island and then progress to Joseph P. Farrell’s books. However, I can”t convince most of my friends that we are actually being sprayed with chemtrails even though anyone can see them in the sky.

  7. Catherine,

    I finally watched Fat Sick and Nearly Dead at your recommendation. At 6’2″ and 175lbs I don’t really need to lose weight but I do need energy and more clear thinking. I currently drink too much soda and enjoy unhealthy food a little too much.

    I would like to try juicing and checked out the Breville juicer that Joe Cross uses. There are an uncomfortable amount of detailed poor reviews about the Breville’s quality, longevity, poor customer service and concerns about high rpm juicers. Do you or other subscribers have a recommendation for a juicer that:
    – Does not cost a fortune
    – Works, and will continue to work for some time
    – Is not a disaster to clean
    – Does a fair job of extracting a high percentage of juice in a reasonable amount of time


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