2015 Annual Equity Overview

“However bad things were in the oil patch, the year 2015 was worse for the coal miners. What is happening to the market for coal is an indication of the kind of “creative destruction” occurring throughout the global economy. As of 2011, more than one-half of U.S. coal production was attributable to the top four coal producers. Peabody Energy Corporation (BTU), Arch Coal Inc., Alpha Natural Resources, and Cloud Peak Energy (CLD) together supplied 575 million tons, or 52 percent of total U.S. coal production. Today, Alpha Natural Resources is bankrupt and the three others saw their stocks drop by 78 to 94 percent during 2015.” ~ Solari Report 2015 Annual Financial Markets Round Up

By Catherine Austin Fitts

As discussed in our Annual Wrap Up, the economic ground is shifting under our feet. This has implications for global valuations – indeed watching global valuations offers important insights on the transition underway. The challenge this year, as bulls and bears collide, is to discern volatility and events of economic warfare from deeper trends.

In our Annual Equity Overview this Thursday, I will review the charts for 2015 performance and global valuations in the equity markets. I will also address specific questions:

  • the outlook for the US dollar and the impact of dollar performance on the US stock market;
  • a serious deflationary scenario – could it happen and what would the implications be for your strategy;
  • Solari Report scenarios for planning your allocations in 2016; and
  • issues and options to consider for your portfolio and investment strategy.

Please do post or e-mail your questions before Thursday.

The “Space Based Economy” and “Financial Markets Round Up” sections of the Annual Wrap Up are essential background for our discussion, so take a look if you have a chance.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review Bridge of Spies and the insights it offers on the rule of law. One of the drivers of the current deflation is deterioration in the rule of law.

Talk to you Thursday!

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  1. Re: Safe deposit boxes

    Keep your receipts! Today government views your cash as evidence of some sort of crime and it may be up to you to prove it isn’t. And it would be simple enough to require banks to assist you viewing your deposit box contents via more ‘Know Your Customer’ regulations. Authorities have all sorts of metal detectors and ground penetrating radars they didn’t have during the 1930s confiscations too.Then there are the police “arresting” your stuff to contend with:

    ‘Police Took More Of Other People’s Stuff Than Burglars Did In 2014’ http://news.investors.com/blogs-capital-hill/111915-781661-cops-seize-more-in-assets-than-burglars-steal-in-2014.htm

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