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Money & Markets – Week of 03.27.16

Traders to Keep Kicking Pound as Pressure Builds Over `Brexit’ Bloomberg | 02 April 2016 Volatility climbed to… Four Things you Better Worry about this

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Geopolitical – Week of 03.27.16

Exclusive: 21 Generals Lead ISIS War the U.S. Denies Fighting The Daily Beast | 31 March 2016 Generals in charge of… DC Madam’s Lawyer Wants

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Science & Technology – Week of 03.27.16

Artificial Intelligence: Million-dollar Babies Economist | 31 March 2016 Coup for… Meteor Impact Causes Spectacular Explosion on Jupiter Unknown Country | 30 March 2016 The

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Food & Health

Food & Health – Week of 03.27.16

Vaxxed: the ABC News Interview that Big Pharma Didn’t Want You to See Jon Rappoport | 28 March 2016 Just two hours before… VAXXED: the

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Life – Week of 03.27.16

Cynthia McKinney: Why Does the US Media Lie So Much? RT | 28 March 2016 RT to discuss a crisis… The Texas Promise -Trailer The