Lunch with Catherine and Richard Dolan in NYC

“Living well is the best revenge.”
~ Paul Newman

By Catherine Austin Fitts

On Saturday, April 25, 44 Solari Report subscribers and guests gathered for lunch in the private Gallery Room at New York’s famed 21 Club. This subscriber lunch featured a twist: Richard Dolan was invited as a guest speaker.

He did not disappoint.

In addition to those living in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, subscribers traveled to the lunch from Canada, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The wealth of experience and intelligence made for a very lively conversation. Subscriber backgrounds/sectors included: filmmaker, performing artist, investment banker, real estate, teacher, doctor, author, information technology, entrepreneur, homemaker, inventor, breakthrough energy developer, financial planner, money manager, and attorney.  Many have been subscribers for several years or more; some having joined at inception in 2008.

Solari Report subscriber lunches always feature great food and this one was no exception. 21 Club served a spectacular meal. We gathered around an open bar. Then after welcome remarks, we sat down for lunch. For the first course we had traditional caesar salad romaine with aged parmesan and garlic croutons. Next came the entree – roasted Amish chicken with black truffle jus with fine red potatoes and asparagus as well as special vegetarian entrees for those who requested them.

Following the entree, Richard Dolan spoke for 45 minutes. He delivered a fascinating presentation tying the role of secrecy, the black budget and UFOs to global finance and politics. He connected the dots between  disclosure of the most powerful global secrets with creating a free and open society.

Tables (subscribers were seated in tables of 8) were then invited to choose two questions for Catherine and Richard. During the 30 minute deliberations, dessert was served – fruit and berries with vanilla chantilly with coffee or tea.

Following the deliberation, the questions and resulting discussion included the following topics:

  • Geo-Engineering;
  • The Trans Pacific Partnership and the creation of a transnational legal system;
  • Developing a decentralized global governance system which might still support a major space program;
  • The real goal of blaming the population for climate change;
  • Underground bases;
  • Scanning the night sky with night-vision goggles;
  • Are other species living and working among us?;
  • Is the debt system open or closed?;
  • The future of the US dollar and our energy model;
  • The spiritual aspect of what is happening in our world;
  • After death: the immortality of our souls;
  • Local actions we can take;
  • Humanity: our unique capacity to love one another.


A wide-ranging discussion ensued. There was only one problem: after four hours, the room had to be cleared for the next event. But very few wanted to leave.

During my years on Wall Street, this restaurant was the site of many remarkable meetings – and the development of a few delicious conspiracies (all entirely legal.) It was where we met to have serious conversations about money. Saturday’s conversation was one of the most serious and enlightening I have had at “21.”

Many, many thanks go to the amazing staff at the 21 Club. The service was superb. If you have never had the opportunity to eat at 21, consider adding it to your bucket list.

Note: Subscribers who have not had the opportunity to listen to Solari Reports featuring Richard Dolan will find our most recent here:

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You can find Richard’s latest books at Richard Dolan Press.

Also joining us at 21 was another very special Solari Report guest, Eunice Boston – interviewed on the Power of Coming Clean – this is one you also do not want to miss.

Our next events will be in Auckland, New Zealand on May 23rd and Sydney, Australia on June 2. Stay tuned for details.

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