UFO’s for 21st Century Minds with Richard Dolan and Catherine Austin Fitts


By Catherine Austin Fitts

At Richard Dolan¹s request, we have made this Solari Report interview public after our subscribers have had access to it for the last month. Richard’s new book, UFOs for the 21st Century Mind, makes a significant contribution to a wider understanding of the UFO phenomenon and how it impacts our governance and economy. The book and this interview come with my highest recommendation.



  1. Where is closest parking for event, and is there vegetarian equivalent for ticket?
    Listening to Jimmy Church right now, and getting the feeling this event cannot/should not be passed up.
    Driving from Boston. Anyone looking to carpool/save gas/make for good conversation, up for that, as well.
    How much is parking, as well?
    Thank you for any clarification.

    • If you do a search for parking for Rockefeller Center, you will see there are a lot of garages in the vicinity – all expensive. Not sure what the cost of a train ticket from Boston is, but you may find that is more economic than driving given the traffic. I will check to see if anyone is coming from Boston.

  2. Catherine, I hadn’t even thought of trains. Great idea there! I listened to only one of my songs last night, and wouldn’t you know it, that I listened to Train, Train, Take Me Away… How about that for synchronicity? 🙂

    Thank you for seeing who else is coming from Boston!

    Pending vegetarian equivalent meal, I will purchase my ticket for the event soon 🙂

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