Special Release: A Solari Report with Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur

Marcy Kaptur

Rep. Marcy Kaptur calls into the secure room in the basement of the U.S. Capitol where Members of Congress are allowed to read the nearly 1000-page Trans-Pacific Partnership draft agreement. She had to leave her cell phone in the lockers on the left and was not allowed to take away any notes, photos, or copies. She is not allowed to talk about what she read with anyone unless they have Top Secret clearance.

“Not good.”
~ Marcy Kaptur

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur represents Ohio’s Ninth Congressional District and is currently serving her sixteenth term in the U.S. House of Representatives. The Congresswoman ranks among the most senior Members of the 114th Congress and serves on the all-important House Appropriations committee.  Her consistent efforts to defend the interests of her constituents and all Americans underscores a record of excellence in public service.

Our interview with Congresswoman Kaptur is being made available to the public due to the importance of this week’s vote in the House on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Also because of the timely nature in which we would like to release this, it is still the rough audio – we will update the recording when the final edits have come in.

Listen to the Interview MP3 audio file

The Solari Report 2015-06-18

During our discussion, a number of points came to light which you may find disturbing:

  • The contents of the roughly 1000-page Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement are top-secret
  • Members of Congress were not invited to draft this agreement – it was drafted by corporate interests
  • Members of the House of Representatives are not allowed to discuss the TPP agreement with staff-members or constituents
  • Members of the House are subject to criminal prosecution if they talk about what they have read in the agreement

My analysis of the ramifications of the TPP agreement is available for Solari Report subscribers in the June 11, 2015 Money & Markets segment here. It covers:

  • Whether or not the TPP agreement represents a trade agreement or something much more far-reaching
  • The timing of the bill – why now?
  • How will international legal authority and the sovereignty of nations be affected by this agreement?

To gain a better understanding of what the TPP involves, I also recommend our Special Report on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur encourages all Americans who have concerns about this bill to call, write, or e-mail their representatives in the House and the Senate to OPPOSE:

  1. Fast Track negotiating authority for trade agreements
  2. The Trans-Pacific Partnership

Update: While the vote to fast track the TPP was defeated in the House last Friday, the House passed a revised version on Thursday. The bill now goes back to the Senate.

To help you communicate with Congress, here is the EFF link:

Call Your Representatives to Stand Against the TPP Fast Track

We also discuss John Oliver’s humorous (but deadly serious) take on poultry farming:

If you’re not a Solari Report subscriber yet, you can learn more about becoming one here.


  1. Hi Catherine,

    I just had a “robo” trade made on my account @ about one o’clock in the morning. I called my discount broker about it when I saw it and I’m going to follow up on this this week.

    I thought the markets were supposed to be closed at a certain Time? This does not seem legal? This is getting more and more frightening and I’ve no idea what to do about it.

    I’m not a lawyer and I don’t want to be involved with wrong-doing. I keep trying to find creative ways to back away from this but the more I try to do this the faster I feel I’m being “targeted” “had.”

    Hard for me to describe, except to say that it feels VERY aggressive. I’ve been a market participant for over 20 years and since the 2007 crash, along with change of brokerage, things are increasingly uncomfortable for me and I have no idea where to turn or what to do about it since when I try…it seems hands off. No one seems to want to help let alone talk about it.

    At this point I do not trust anyone when it comes to my money. Maybe trust is the wrong word. My individual experiences have taught me when I speak with potential steward’s of my money they only care about “getting” it. And the majority of them have no respect for capital and the good it could do. The minority that is good seem without understanding of the sheer evil of it all and therefore unable to deal with the magnitude of the problem.

    I feel less afraid than heart-broken since it shows where we are. It is increasingly difficult to find a way to collect capital for good when one needs an small income from it. I know not is all lost. I keep searching for ways to break it up. By writing here once in awhile it helps to create ideas.

    Thank you, Catherine, for your patience and hard work and dealing with me when I had no idea if you were even real ( I really questioned that which was part of my own anger and frustration) and all that you do for sheer greatness of what the world could be.

    One last thing, (always one last thing with me) I know there is good in computers, but for me it is more bad. It literally changes my disposition. It also hurts my body since I’m aging…And the most important thing: I’d rather be outside playing and seeing beauty than a keyboard and a screen. I’m working on how to make that happen.


    • Karen:

      Not sure I understand. I assume your broker does not have discretionary authority, right? Would appreciate your posting full details/facts. Name of firm, what the trade was, what they did. I have not see this fact pattern or had it reported to me before.

      Since there is no one funded to “take care of us,” we have to take of each other, so make time today to help someone. That way, the universe can also send someone back around.


  2. Hi Catherine,

    It was a fund that was sold @ about 1 am in the morning and bought back @ a cheaper price shortly after so it was to my advantage, but that is not the point. I don’t have the type of acct. that allows this. And I thought about it after I got off the phone when I questioned it and realized it was after hour trade. I don’t feel comfortable naming firm, but I do see they along with others are “promoting” the systems that invest without an advisor. The whole robo advisor thing.

    I’m not sure I understand what you mean when you say no one is funded to take care of us? Rule of law? I’ve always taken care of myself and others. I’m one of “those” that have a harder time asking for help than giving especially someone I have never met (smile).



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