The Bilderbergers with Dr. Joseph Farrell

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The Solari Report 2015-06-11

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The Solari Report 2015-06-11

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“President Truman decided after the war to create a vast system of hidden finance using the Nazi access loot and put the American intelligence community in the role of international bankers.”
~ Dr. Joseph Farrell

This week on the Solari Report, I will be joined by long-time collaborator Dr. Joseph Farrell to discuss this month’s Bilderberg meeting in Austria and the Bilderberger’s impact on policy development, consensus building and decision-making for transnational global finance and geopolitics.

Dr. Farrell will pick up where he left off on a previous Solari Report:

The first Bilderberg meetings were brokered on the Western side primarily by the Rothschilds and Lawrence Rockefeller with David in the background. On the European side, they were brokered by Prince Bernhard and a man who was a prominent member of the early Bilderberg meetings, Dr. Hermann Josef Abs. He was the CEO of Deutsche Bank.

Most people are unaware that Prince Bernhard was part of the management of IG Farben. In other words, he was plugged into the financial structure of the Third Reich in a major way.

With Herman Josef Abs, we have an individual who was also plugged into that structure. During and prior to WWII, Abs ran a handling bank in Berlin that handled all of the Reich government accounts. In other words, he was the guy signing Adolph Hitler’s paycheck as chancellor.

So, we’re dealing with people coming together to coordinate all of this vast Nazi loot that’s been moved into Western banks. I suspect that it was kept off the books as a hidden reserve in order to expand post-war credit-making ability. I think the reason why this happened was so that all the plundered Axis loot could be cycled back into Europe with everybody getting their cut.

This is a story which is known by the Russians and it must be known by Mr. Putin, particularly as he came out of the KGB. It’s interesting to note that Mr. Putin did his PhD thesis precisely in the areas of economies, markets, and finance. So he would be well aware of what the post-war financial gains had been.

Who is really running the show? As you know, I think it is essential to try to understand the real governance system – both who is in charge and how decision-making and resource allocations really works.

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Dr. Farrell’s latest book is now available for pre-order: The Third Way: The Nazi International, European Union, and Corporate Fascism.

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